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Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon

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(Some sources in this page are from the guide made by MozzarellaCheez. The original guide can be found here:

Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon is a roguelike video game in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series developed by Spike Chunsoft, published by The Pokémon Company and distributed by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS handheld game console. [1]

There are no known RNG manipulations for this game, so the run demands a great deal of skill, on-the-fly decision making, and knowledge of game mechanics.



To complete Super Mystery Dungeon 100%, you must:

  1. Connect with all 779 Pokémon,
  2. Collect all 25 legendary treasures (dungeons containing them have a gold crown icon on the map screen),
  3. Unlock Kyurem’s Black/White formes, and
  4. Get 100% Map Survey. That means, visit every dungeon on the main world map (the game does not track whether or not you finish the dungeons, just whether or not you’ve entered them).

This leaves you with nice silver and gold badges on your save file, as well as all five treasure crowns in storage (or just the silver badge for Recruit ‘em All specifically).

Important tips

General tips

You can hold B to advance cutscene text as fast as possible; this holds true for the entire run.


  • It is much harder to OTKO enemies here than in other PMD games, so battles can be a lot more time-consuming.
  • Never fight more than one enemy at once without using wands (unless you must).
  • You have alliances. You will rely on powerful close-ranged attacks in this run, so it’s a good idea to spam these so your partner can help you fight.
  • You won't do any Connection Orb missions besides the first Sylveon rescue, so you will be extra underlevelled starting Chapter 11.
  • Enemy AI will always spam ranged attacks in rooms. But, in corridors, they will only ever use close-ranged attacks, or * keep walking forward. You can abuse this by pushing your partners back into corridors so that the enemies walk right into your alliance attacks, or in some cases, so that enemies don’t even notice you.
  • Your raw movement speed does not affect your time as much as you’d think; it is far more important to move efficiently, meaning you should always try to take as few steps as possible to get from Point A to Point B, to reduce your total encounters (this is because enemies spawn in as you walk).
  • You can push enemies by holding B and walking into them. Great if they are standing on stairs or something.

Important items

The following are items that you always want to grab when you find them in a shop or conveniently on the ground: Blast Seeds. They’re really good in this game.

  • Petrify Orbs
  • Stayaway Wands
  • Pounce Wands
  • Warp Wands
  • Petrify Wands
  • Tunnel Wands
  • Guiding Wands
  • Luminous Orbs
  • Pure Seeds

The following are items that you only need a certain amount of:

  • Apples (varies; keep about six in storage at all times)
  • Max Elixirs (varies; keep about six in storage at all times)
  • Oran Berries (keep about five of them for the final boss)
  • Attack or Wakeful Looplet (one for Totodile)
  • Sp. Atk or Persim Looplet (one for Pikachu)
  • Speed Looplets (even better than the SpAtk or Attack Looplets if you see any)
  • Ban Seed (one for an old backup strat on a boss; not necessary)