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Poképark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure

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Poképark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure game cover.

Poképark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure is a Pokémon game for Wii. It was released in Japan on December 5, 2009, in Europe on July 9, 2010, and in North America on November 1, 2010. It was later made available digitally on the Wii U's Nintendo eShop until the store's discontinuation in March 2023. [1]

any% guide



In this area you will complete a short tutorial on the game mechanics

  • Talk to chatot
  • Break the crate and grab the berry inside (1st recommended berry drop)
  • Continue forward and jumping above the fallen tree
  • Play chase with Chatot
  • Talk to Buneary
  • Use Thunderbolt on Snorlax
  • When Chatot asks you to check your friend list, all you need to do is open the menu and close it, it is not required to go into the friend list
  • Enter Poképark.

Meadow Zone 1

This is the first zone we need to clear in Pokepark, in this visit we need to get Buneary, Pachirisu, Munchlax, Lotad, Treecko, and Caterpie as non-plot required friends

  • Talk to Buneary and Chikorita
  • Talk to Bulbasaur to play Bulbasaur's Daring Dash
  • Beat Bulbasaur's Daring Dash with Pikachu
  • Go to the bridge and talk to Treecko
  • Befriend Munchlax
  • Befriend Turtwig
  • At this point you need to Befriend both Buneary and Pachirisu
  • Complete Bulbasaur's Daring Dash with Turtwig
  • Talk to Trecko
  • Hit the white tree between the bridges (2nd recommended berry drop)
  • Fight Mankey
  • Talk to Croagunk
  • Talk to Venusaur
  • Fight Croagunk
  • On your way to Spearow, befriend Caterpie, Lotad, and Treecko
  • Complete Spearow's obstacle course
  • Go back to Venusaur and complete Venusaur's Vine Swing with Croagunk or Mankey
  • Leave Meadow Zone

Meeting Place 1

On the first visit to the Meeting Place all you have to do is talk to the following Pokemon

  • Talk to Chatot
  • Talk to Chikorita
  • Talk to Drifblim
  • Talk to Misdreavus, take a picture of her and talk to her again
  • Talk to Electabuzz
  • Talk to Corpish
  • Enter Beach Zone

Beach Zone 1

The non-plot required Pokemon in this first visit to the Beach Zone are: Azuril, Slowpoke (can be obtained in Beach Zone 2), Totodile (can be obtained in Beach Zone) and Staravia (can be obtained in Beach Zone 2).

  • Talk to Azuril and Slowpoke
  • Go towards the bridge, if Azuril and/or Slowpoke are in your way befriend them, if not, ignore them

Note: befriending Azuril makes Totodile appear

  • Complete Corsola's Quiz
  • Talk to Feraligatr and go back
  • Go to Drifblim's Signpost

You need to befriend Azuril on your way to the signpost

  • Befriend Slowpoke, Staravia and Totodile if they are on your way, if not, ignore for now
  • Call Drifblim and use it to go to the Meadow Zone

Meadow Zone 2

During this visit to the Meadow Zone, the non-plot related Pokemon (NPRP from now on) to get are Chimchar, Bibarel, and Shinx.

  • Deliver 4 pieces of Lumber to Bidoof
  • While doing the above, you want to befriend Chimchar, and Shinx
  • Talk to Bidoof again after delivering the 4 pieces of lumber (this makes Bidoof appear in the Beach Zone)
  • Befriend Bibarel
  • Use Drifblim to go to the Beach Zone

Beach Zone 2

In Beach Zone 2, the NPRP to get are Feraligatr, Totodile and Slowpoke (if not befriended yet) and Staravia (you must friend with Staravia)

  • Go to Bidoof, grab the nearest piece of Lumber before talking to it
  • Go to Pelipper and complete Pelipper's Circle Circuit with Spearow (Butterfree and Staravia are safe strats)
  • Go back to Bidoof

Note: This is the last chance to get Totodile, Slowpoke and Staravia

  • Deliver 2 more pieces of Lumber to Bidoof
  • Complete Gyarados' Aqua Dash with Bibarel (25 FRIENDS REQUIRED TO ENTER)
  • Talk to Feraligatr
  • Befriend Feraligatr
  • Take Lapras to the Iceberg Zone

Iceberg Zone

In this zone the NPRP to befriend are Staravia (if not befriended in the Beach Zone), Teddiursa, Octillery, Ursaring, Glalie, Quagsire and Primeape

  • Go to Piloswine
  • Befriend Staravia
  • Go to the Lake Area and talk to Teddiursa
  • Deliver the 3 Ice Blocks to Glalie (3rd recommended berry drop here, the one between the slope and the ice block behind Glalie)
  • While delivering the Ice Blocks, befriend Teddiursa, and Ursaring
  • Note: For Teddiursa, there are 2 roaming ones and one static, the static one is always a quiz, while one of the roaming ones is chase and the other is quiz, the roaming quiz is the slowest of the 3 while the chase one is the fastest
  • Use the right slope to get to the chairlift (4th reccomended berry drop here)
  • Battle Prinplup

NOTE: While in the chairlift area, be careful to not get close to the tree in the middle, as it triggers a cutscene

  • Hit the switch and take the chairlift
  • Fight Frosslass
  • Befriend the Octillery in this area
  • Grab the Big Berry (far right box in the back of the area) and give it to Quagsire
  • Take the chairlift back and go talk to Frosslass in the lake area
  • Befriend Glalie and Primeape
  • Break Mamoswine free from the ice
  • Complete Empoleon's Snow Slide with Glalie
  • Go to the Drifblim post in the chairlift area (last chance to get Staravia)
  • Break the crate near the signpost (5th recommended berry drop)
  • Take Drifblim to the Meeting Place

Meeting Place 2

In this visit to the Meeting Place we are going to upgrade Pikachu's Dash

  • Talk to Ponyta and upgrade your Dash twice
  • Talk to Cranidos to gain access to the Cavern Zone

Cavern Zone 1

The NPRP in this area are Diglett, Dugtrio, Raichu, Cranidos, Magnemite, Torchic, Meowth, Drifblim and Golbat as well as Magnezone (this one is only a backup strat if you have trouble with Rhyperior's Bumper Burn)

  • Talk to Mr. Mime
  • Talk to Mawile
  • Go talk to Aron
  • On your way to Aron there is a crate to the left (6th recommended berry drop)
  • Break the crate near to where Aron was and give it the Iron Ore in it
  • Talk and play chase with Mawile
  • Talk to Dugtrio
  • Break the Crate between both Tunnels near Dugtrio to free Magnemite

Note: If you have trouble with Rypherior's Bumper Burn, you can get Magnezone to get an easier time in it, to do so, you need to free all 3 Magnemites in order for it to appear, the location of the crates are as follow: 1) Between both tunnels near Dugtrio, 2) Right crate after exiting the tunnel, in the area where the Cranidos roam and 3) behind Machamp's obstacle course in the corner of the area; This will make Magnezone appear near Dugtrio

  • Take the right tunnel behind Dugtrio
  • Befriend Cranidos Golbat and Magnemite
  • From this point befriend Meowth, Torchic or Raichu are in your path and you are not carrying anything
  • Go fight Marowak
  • Open the Crate that has Diglett in it
  • Break crate next to Diglett (7th recommended berry drop)
  • Break the crate with the Big Berry and take it to Snorlax in the hot spring
  • Talk to Snorlax, use Thunderbolt on him and then give him the berry
  • Take the Rail part to Mr. Mime
  • On your way to Mr. Mime check Drifblim signpost to make it appear
  • Fight Gible
  • Go talk to Drifblim and Diglett to befriend them
  • If not done already, befriend Raichu, Meowth and Torchic
  • Complete Bastiodon's Block Barrage with Pikachu (use Ursaring if you have trouble with it)(50 friends are required to enter)
  • Go talk to Dugtrio

Note: If doing safe strats, this is the time you should befriend Magnezone

  • Take the minecart behind Dugtrio to the Lava Zone

Lava Zone

  • Talk to Hitmontop
  • Go Talk to and fight Camerupt
  • Go back and fight Hitmontop
  • Hit the switch and pray for no Gold Nuggets
  • Once you get an Iron Ore, take it to the Furnace and make it a straight shape
  • Repair the switch near the furnace with the iron bar and hit it
  • Talk to Golem on your way back to the drill
  • Hit the drill's switch and pray for no Gold Nuggets
  • Take the Iron Ore to the furnace and turn it into a round shape
  • Take the Iron Top to Rhyperior to be able to enter his attraction
  • Complete Rhyperior's Bumper Burn with Pikachu (Magnezone if doing safe strats)
  • Talk to Charmander
  • On your way up there is a crate on the left (8th recommended berry drop)
  • Talk to Meditite
  • Befriend Ponyta
  • On your way to Farfetch'd there are 2 crates on the right (9th and 10th recommended berry drops)
  • Fight Farfetch'd
  • Hit the Switch to lower the bridge and talk to Magcargo
  • Talk to Blaziken
  • After beating Charmander, Complete Blaziken's Boulder Bash with Pikachu (Marowak if you have trouble with it)
  • Go to the Drifblim post near the furnace
  • On your way, hit the same 2 boxes you did earlier (11th and 12th recommended berry drops)
  • Take Drifblim to the Meeting Place

Meeting Place 3

On this visit we are going to learn Double Dash as well as befriend Mime Jr. and Burmy

  • Talk to Ponyta to learn Double Dash
  • Climb the treehouse and befriend Mime Jr. and Burmy in there
  • Talk to Duskull to gain access to the Haunted Zone
  • Enter the Haunted Zone

Haunted Zone

At this point of the game, we have most of the friends needed in the run, only a couple left, the NPRP in this area are Gastly, Drifloon, Abra, Metapod and Kakuna

  • Move forward and talk to Tangrowth
  • Complete Tangrowth's Swing-Along with Raichu
  • Talk to Drifloon to gain access to the Mansion and enter it
  • Follow Duskull around the Mansion
  • Talk to Gastly
  • Go to the upstairs room where Gastly went
  • Befriend Gastly
  • Talk to the Gengar painting to make the bell chime
  • Go back downstairs and talk to Dusknoir
  • Complete Dusknoir's Speed Slam with Cranidos
  • Tak to Duskull to gain access to the Hall
  • Move forward to trigger the Pichu scene
  • Talk to Misdreavus
  • Go to the upstairs room where Gastly appears and talk to Abra
  • Talk to Spinarak to get the spider thread, take this back to Misdreavus
  • Go to the Library and talk to Duskull
  • Solve Sableye's quiz to get the book, put it back in the shelf next to Duskull
  • Move forward and talk to Rotom
  • Complete Rotom's Spooky Shoot'em-Up with Abra (65 FRIENDS REQUIRED)
  • Go back to the Library
  • If Drifloon is on your way as you exit the Hall befriend him, if not skip for now
  • Get out of the Mansion, talk to Drifloon outside to befriend it if not done already
  • Hit the trees that are both sides of the Mansion's door to make Metapod and Kakuna appear, talk to them to befriend them
  • Run back to the Meeting Place


Meeting Place 4

  • Talk to Ponyta to max out your Dash level
  • Talk to Skorupi to gain access to the Granite Zone and enter it

Granite Zone 1

On this visit to the Granite Zone we are going to get the last NPRP in the run: Skorupi

  • Move forward and talk to Charizard
  • Talk to Absol and complete Absol's Hurdle Bounce with Ponyta
  • Talk to Hoppip
  • Hit the Switch, cross the bridge and hit the switch on the other side
  • Go up the slope and talk to Flygon
  • Follow the path and battle Blastoise
  • Cross the bridge and take the slopes behind Skorupi (don't talk to it yet)
  • Cross the platforms and hit the switch
  • Follow the path that oppened up and Solve Porygon-Z's quiz
  • Backtrack to Skorupi and talk to it to befriend it
  • Talk to Bronzor
  • Fight Electivire
  • Go up the stairs and hit the switch
  • Follow the path and take the rope cart
  • Complete Togekiss' obstacle course
  • Backtrack to the Drifblim signpost and take Drifblim to the Cavern Zone

Cavern Zone 2

  • Talk to Mawile
  • Talk to Snorlax
  • Take Drifblim back to the Granite Zone

Granite Zone 2

  • Talk to Flygon
  • Talk to Salamence and complete Salamence's Air Ace with Togekiss (80 friends required)
  • Talk to Jumpluff to gain access to the Flower Zone

Flower Zone 1

  • Talk to Bellossom
  • Talk to Shaymin
  • Take Drifblim to the Meeting Place

Meeting Place 5

  • Climb the treehouse to get the Mirror

Flower Zone 2

  • Take the Mirror to the pedestal
  • Complete Rayquaza's Balloon Panic with Absol
  • Talk to Shaymin
  • Talk to Bellossom
  • Use the watering can on the Glacidea Flower

Sky Pavilion

  • Go to the upper area and talk to Piplup
  • Go back to the Balloon and talk to Piplup
  • Talk to the Puplup in the upper area again
  • Complete Mew's gauntlet
  • Talk to Mew
  • This is the end of this end
  • Save after the ending cutscene to see your IGT in the file select screen

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