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The cover art of OneShot

OneShot is a puzzle and adventure indie game developed by Future Cat and published by Degica. Based on a 2014 free version, it was released for Steam on December 8, 2016, and on on March 12, 2020. Console ports for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch were announced on December 8, 2021. [1]


There are three OneShot categories in 2018 version (Steam version) any% (Glitch and Glitchless), 2014 version any% and ram%. [2] Some people also run a meme category: Death%. [3]


The OneShot modification leaderboard in has MacAndCheeseShot (Christmas Special), Rampocalypse (Chapter 1 and 2), Aftermath (Demo), OneShot Randomizer, OneShot 2 (Early Demo), OneShot: Eclipse (Demo 1) and OneShot: Fading Memory categories. [4]


(The following guide is made by baister09. Source:


A few things to note is that while most runners use the release of OneShot due to it being DRM free, any version works due to the fact that the run is timed using in-game time. Also, the runner will need to open the ___.exe program, frequently called the Clover Program, that is found in the install directory. Usually, the runner opens it before every run, but it is ok as long as it is open before tower sleep. Finally, the runner needs a way to view the safe code quickly. This is either done through the utility program which is in the #resources channel on Discord ( or through file explorer preview typically. The runner can also choose to open the file itself, however, it doesn’t update until you interact with the computer after turning on the generator in barrens. Whatever method the runner choose, make sure it is available and visible before starting a run.



  • Go to bathroom to the left.
  • Talk to the plant to collect the dried branch.
  • Talk to the remote on the floor of the bedroom and immediately equip it.
  • Instances like this are where an interact + inventory key are especially helpful.
  • Use the remote on the window.
  • Enter the code into the computer. Note: to input a 9, press down once instead of up 9 times. This is faster for any number over 5. 5 is the same going up or down.
  • Hold automash through the computer’s messages and hold enter to instantly close the popup.
  • Any time the game loses focus, automash needs to be released and reheld if you want to mash through text.
  • Exit into the living room.


Tournaments are hosted in the Discord server of OneShot speedrun server.

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