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Wii Sports

Wii Sports is a sports/simulation game released in November of 2006 by Nintendo for the Nintendo Wii. The series continued with semi-sequel Wii Play.

High Scores

Elite Scores hosts Wii Sports competition. The current World Champion is packattack, who holds 14 of the game's 21 World Records with impressive records like 27 feet on Hitting the Green and -6 on Golf, Expert. The main challenge is to achieve high scores on the game's Training Challenges. There are 3 Challenges for each of the game's 5 sports: Tennis, Baseball, Golf, Bowling, and Boxing. Records are also kept for the best complete game of bowling and golf, and for Wii Fitness, a daily test that combines 3 random training challenges.

High Score Strategies


  • In all modes, you can move your Mii right or left based on the angle you hold your Wiimote. Angle the head of your "racquet" to the right, and he will keep running right, even off the court.

Returning Balls
Platinum Requirement - 80

  • Don't forget to wash behind your ears!

Timing Your Swing
Platinum Requirement - 50

  • Don't worry about backhanding; all shots are hit to your forehand.

Target Practice
Platinum Requirement - 40

  • Use slow, weak shots so your Mii has time to get in position for the next hit. When given a higher target, always "lob" your hit upwards in a slow arc, as that will result in the softest return.


Hitting Home Runs
Platinum Requirement - 5650

  • Swinging downwards makes your Mii swing for the fences.
  • Careful, the last 2 pitches are fastballs. The last one is especially fast.

Swing Control
Platinum Requirement - 65

  • The scoring system is as follows:
    • Dark blue area (10 points)
    • Light blue area (6 points)
    • White area (3 points)
    • Hit to a non-colored area (1 point)
    • Foul ball (0 points)
  • You must be either really skillful or really lucky to score well here, there is no in between.

Batting Practice
Platinum Requirement - 30

  • 1-10 pitches are always slow fast balls.
  • 11-20 pitches are faster fastballs or curves.
  • 21-30 pitches are really fast fastballs, curves, and screwballs.


Picking Up Spares
Platinum Requirement - 20 (3 misses allowed)

  • Master the straight ball; many lanes can be completed without any "bend" in your roll at all.

Power Throws
Platinum Requirement - 700

  • Hit the Secret Switch in the 10th to score the full 182 points easily.
    • Secret Switch Technique - Turn 1 click to the right. Move all the way against the right wall. Throw a high-release straight ball. It will ride the rail all the way down and hit the red switch behind the pins.
    • Note: You can turn 1 click left and use the left rail if you're left-handed.

Spin Control
Platinum Requirement - 20 (5 misses allowed)

  • No spin is required on nearly half the lanes... by throwing hard and releasing as high as possible, you can toss right over many of the nearest barriers.


Platinum Requirement - 10 (0 misses allowed)

  • Pressing 1 gives you the green's denivelations where the lighter the color the higer the ground.
  • Pressing 2 gives you a closer view of the green.
  • Each hole has around 4 possible outcomes, so start memorizing the way to solve each hole with it's different scenarios.
  • Hole 1 requires that you hit the ball with 25% power on the powermeter (no need to aim to the sides)
  • Hole 2 requires that you hit the ball with 55% power on the powermeter (no need to aim to the sides)
  • Hole 7 requires that you hit the ball with 75% power on the powermeter (you actually have to aim a little to the right or left according to which scenario you got)

Hitting the Green
Platinum Requirement - 55 ft.

  • Use Iron for holes 9 and 10 and sometimes 6 if the pole is really far.

Target Practice
Platinum Requirement - 800

  • Line up all the way off the target when the crosswinds begin to approach 30mph.


Working the Bag
Platinum Requirement - 40

  • The whole round make hard but slow jabs to destroy grey bags with 2 punches, white bags with 4 and black bags with 6 punches.

Platinum Requirement - 85

  • Just twist the controls; it's faster than moving your hands from side to side.

Throwing Punches
Platinum Requirement - 70

  • Take your time before "guessing" the next punch and always use soft but quick jabs.
  • Don't throw out both hands at once to double punch; it makes you look silly.

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