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TJazZ is a Canadian MKDD player and speedrunner. He is a forum moderator of the MKDD section of the forums. He joined the Players' Page in June 2005, and since then has been able to get into the top-40 (top 20 in 60Hz) while reaching the #1 ranking in Canada. Newcomer Scott Dufault later dethroned him for the #1 Canada rank in early 2008, with a big motivation to catch up to such a great guy.

TJazZ is an author of a couple of speedruns hosted at Speed Demos Archive. He raced MKDD's All-Cup Tour run and a Single-segment run of Pac-Man 2 (SNES).

TJazZ's YouTube videos became very popular, and his MKDD videos combine for over 6.4 million views. This traffic helped recruit great new players to the site, such as Matt Tanzer, Thingy and Scott Dufault. He also contributed picture-in-picture videos (gameplay+hands) for "MKDD for noobs", a website to help out new players into Time Trialing. The site was created by Thomas van Leeuwen, a Dutch karter who also happened to be TJazZ's long-time friend and rival in MKDD.

Because of his curly afro and rugged facial hair, TJazZ bears and uncanny resemblance to a grizzly. Also, to David Hasselhoff. Some of his friends have started referring to him as "The Hoff". The expression "don't hassle The Hoff" was invented when he became moderator of the forums in addition to North America proof mod, which meant he could kick your ass both on and off the charts, so you had better not mess with him.

TJazZ wearing his fancy-dress party costume, complete with lifesaver buoy

Through some phonetic mangling, the German forum members recognised "The Hof" (meaning "das main court" in their language) and, because TJazZ was moderator of everything, they starting calling him "The Main Law". Or just "The Main", for short. The non-Germans were confused by these expressions and thought that the Germans intended to say "The Mane", a more obvious reference to his leonine orange 'fro. Over time, they managed to manipulate "The Main" into "The Main Mane", then "The Mane Man", and finally abbreviated to "The Man". In present day, if you ask any karter "Who is The Man?!" you will likely receive a response "TJazZ is The Man!". But all of it originally started with hair. True story.

In his spare time, TJazZ likes to do nerd-stuff like engineering while balancing his lifestyle with jock-stuff like sky-diving.

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