Someone Has Got to Pay...

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Someone Has Got to Pay...

Someone Has Got to Pay is the first stage of the Outnumbered but Never Outpunned! series in the Arcade Honorary League in TimeSplitters 2.


World Record Strategy

A very simple stage. All you have to do is camp the entire three minutes. The camping spot is in the room with with the stairs that have a 2x Shotgun pickup underneath them. One exit in the room leads to a large room with tables in it, and the other exit leads to the main lower hallway. Start near the room(best spawn is at the top of the stairs, right on top of a body armor pickup), enter and grab the the 2x shotgun pickup. Move past the exit that leads into the room with the tables, and as you are going past take a quick look and shoot any ducks that happen to be there. After that crouch in the corner just past the entrance. The stairs will be straight ahead. From here just aim at the other entrance and kill any ducks that run in.

Ducks will come in from the entrance closest to you and they usually miss with their shotguns. They are easy to take out, and go down in 1 shot. They also provide most of the ammo for the run. Ducks will also come in the far entrance, and they usually go down in 1 or 2 shots. Ducks will also drop down from the stairs above and also take one or two shots to take out. Occasionally, a duck will run down the stairs instead of just dropping down. The difficult part is when 5 ducks all rush in at once.

Try not to die, although a no death run is a fairly rare occurance. If you die, hope to get a spawn close to the camping spot and return there immediately, picking up a 2x shotgun along the way.

Just blast away and hope for the best. Fairly good(for any chance at the WR) target times are:
32+ kills at 1 min
50+ kills at 1.5 mins
68+ kills at 2 mins


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