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Launch Silo #4

According to a poll of all speedrunners, Goldeneye's Silo Secret Agent World Record of 1:10 is the 2nd best World Record in the entire speedrunning community next to Mario Kart 64's 3lap World Record by Troy Ullman on Choco Mountain.


Since the early days of Goldeneye Speedrunning, Silo Secret Agent was figured to be a level which would be very difficult to attain a good World Record on, due to the nature of the level. The level is very tight, requires many door warps and there are many guards who are in your way. These guards require 1 head shot, 2 body shots or 4 limbshots to kill, thus it is very difficult to cleanly make your way through the stage as fast as possible, which of course is typically the objective in speedrunning.

The World Record on Silo Secret Agent made it's way down from the mid 1:20s in Goldeneye's primordial days, to 1:16 which was achieved by Wouter Jansen in 2003. He then improved this World Record to 1:15 in early 2004 to which Bryan Bosshardt demolished into a hot 1:12 during his Bosshardtian Rampage from March 2004 to May 2004. This record, among with other Untied World Records he achieved during this destruction of Goldeneye 007 would remain untied for over two years; the Silo records in particular lasting around 24 months before an aspiring Ryan White came along in late 2005. Ryan, a young, down-to-earth speedrunner learned that Silo was a very fun level and achieved the first World Record on this stage in almost 2 years with Silo 00 Agent 1:32. He later lowered this to an untied 1:31, while tying the Agent record of 1:05, but could never achieve the Secret Agent record of 1:12. He instead settled for 1:14, with the idea of an unclaimed 300 point stage eternally bothering him. Ryan continued to play Silo on and off. In September 2006, he untied Agent with a time of 1:04, but still had no record on Secret Agent. It was in November 2006 when Ryan finally tied Silo Secret Agent 1:12, a full 31 months after it was originally achieved. The thought of an untied record on Secret Agent was ever present, but was deemed too difficult for the time.

The First 1:10

On February 4, 2007 Ryan White shocked the entire elite community by posting that he had achieved Silo Secret Agent 1:10. The immediate reaction was that this was indeed the best World Record of all time. Some postulated that Ryan was lucky for skipping over 1:11, while others figured that he deserved to go immediately to 1:10 because of his months of playing the level. Regardless of the case, 1:10 had finally been achieved and was presumed to go untied for a very long time.

The Second 1:10

After Ryan's 1:10, many people were enticed to play Silo, most notably David Clemens and Rayan Isran. Both of these great speedrunners achieved 1:12 without much problem. On March 24, 2008, exactly 1 year, 1 month and 20 days after Ryan first achieved 1:10, Rayan Isran duplicated the feat. The reaction to Rayan's 1:10 was very different from the way the elite embraced Ryan's 1:10. Most were enraged that Rayan had the audacity to tie such a World Record and claimed that the record being shared took away from its eminence of greatness, however the record was still regarded as the best World Record in the game, and the best tied record in all of speedrunning.

Silo Secret Agent 1:09

The World Record is now 1:09 held by Ryan White and David Clemens, and it is the best Goldeneye World Record. Everything in this article still applies.

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