Silent but Deadly

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Silent But Deadly

Silent But Deadly is the first stage of the Infiltration series in the Challenges for TimeSplitters 2.


World Record Strategy

Start, get out the sniper rifle and immediately aim straight ahead at the guard standing by the door on 2nd floor of the large building. Head shot the guard and immediately turn to the right staying against the wall and fence. Keep a good line to the opening in the fence and when you reach the hole in the fence, immediately sidestrafe to the left.

Aim up slightly and in the space between the first two buildings will be a guard. He must be standing in the correct position, which is towards the right building and he'll be standing straight up. If he is in any other position, you will be seen if you kill him, so that'll be a restart. If he's in the correct position, head shot the guard. This must absolutely be done without stopping or slowing down.

Now, between the next building and the large building there will be a female guard standing fairly far away. Aim and head shot her. This must also be done without stopping or slowing down.

Continue strafing past the large building and beyond the bottom of the stairs. You will see the final guard standing here. His position varies from run to run. Move forward to prepare to go up the stairs and as you do this, head shot the final guard. Once again, don't stop or slow down. Some players don't bother using the aim button for this guard, although it's possible to be just as fast if you do.

Go up the stairs, being mindful of good strafing, open the door on the second floor and move towards the switch.

The next sequence is the most difficult section of the entire stage. Hit the switch as soon as possible and aim down very slightly. You are preparing to shoot the lower camera in just a few moments. As soon as you hit the switch, strafe backwards. Once you make it back to the entrance, immediately strafe right, aim, and attempt to shoot and disable the lower camera. If you adjusted your aim correctly as you hit the switch, it should be right in your view when you aim. As you are aiming and shooting the camera, you will also be strafing across the board towards the hole in the roof of the smaller building with the mines. You cannot get stuck or have sub-par strafing.

After the camera is taken out, move toward the hole in the roof, keeping towards the right side of it. Drop down. If you were fast enough shooting the guards below, and were able to keep good strafing while shooting the camera, you will just barely make it down the hole without the upperlevel camera catching you. If you are slow at all, it will catch you.

Once down the hole, open the door as you are falling down, strafe back and grab the mines, and then go out, turn immediately to the left and head towards the large building. Get the mines out and aim up. Make sure to also bring up the aiming cursor so that you'll throw the mine as far as possible. You will pass under a wood plank and as soon as you are clear of it, throw the mine at the dish on top of the large building.

After that head towards the exit. If you are NTSC then don't stop at all and just exit. Hopefully you threw the mine correctly and the stage will complete before the mine is explodes. If you are PAL, then you'll have to wait until the mine completes before you exit.


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