Paul M.

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Paul "Pauliwood" M. is a Georgia based Perfect Dark player.

Pauliwood dabbled with GoldenEye at the tail end of 2017 and at the start of 2018 but started playing Perfect Dark in May 2018.

Pauliwood has always focused on having an overall decent times page rather than collecting world records. In 2018 Pauliwood's best stage, and first love if you will, was Rescue, where he achieved leaderboards on the level with a collection of good times across all three difficulties. Pauliwood entered the top 10 on June 22 2019 earning 1 world record along the way with Chicago Perfect Agent 0:26.

His strength following his top 10 entrance would turn to perfect agent and the LTK difficulties. Pauliwood has multiple LTK and DLTK records, specializing in Rescue, Escape and Extraction.

A common inside joke is that Pauliwood is always hoarding, is in every hoard known to mankind and if you know you know.