Matthew Yakobina

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Matthew "Yako" Yakobina

Matthew "Yako" Yakobina is one of the "Founding Fathers" of the Perfect Dark Elite. He could technically be termed the 2nd-ever member of the community (after only Ngamer), as he was involved in the Elite's first speedrun competition on July 5th, 2000. Though he came up short of the Infiltration SA 1:19 mark set by RaydenEG in that challenge, and was also defeated by PerfectLight in the Attack Ship SA speedrun that followed, Yako's consistent early PRing paid off once SnapDragon's ranking system came online. He peaked at #3 (of 20 total members) on the Point Rankings on June 28th, 2000[1].

Although Yako went inactive in Perfect Dark soon after the Summer of 2000 came to a close, he remained an integral part of the early Elite community throughout the year, especially in his position as frequent poster (and later Moderator) on the Elite's message board. Yakobina has not been seen around the Elite since 2002, but his legacy remains.