Maian SOS

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Maian SOS

Maian SOS is Perfect Dark's 19th level, and second special mission. Chronologically, it actually takes place somewhere between Chicago and Rescue.

General advice

There are two ways to escape from your first room; one is to use the first door to get to the ante-room, grab the Psychosis Gun from the table and use it on one of your captors, who will then open the locked door for you and run off. This is much more time-consuming than the WR method, which involves surprising the first scientist so he pulls a gun on you, immediately disarming him, pushing the gurney against the window and shooting it to blow it up.

For a faster escape, the pause-pull-out-Falcon trick is used again here.

On SA/PA, shooting the wall attracts guards from the next lab over. They open the door to the alien corpse for you, saving a trip all the way down and back.

Still on SA/PA, shooting the next wall attracts a guard down the lift in the big warehouse area. Ordinarily on NTSC this lift is in the wrong place when you get to it, but via this method you can catch it.

Throwing the proximity-primed Dragon at the very end of the level isn't really necessary, but fun.


It was originally thought that PAL had a time advantage on this level due to the different timing of the lifts. However, after much effort Karl Jobst was able to successfully catch an earlier lift cycle on NTSC and set a new world record with a time of 1:37 (the previous record being 1:38). However this is extremely difficult and has only been replicated by a handful of players.

Special Agent

Strat here.

Perfect Agent

Strat here.



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