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Karl "Sim Threat" Jobst

Karl "Sim Threat" Jobst has been one of the most widely known and incredible gamers in The Elite since his arrival in 1999.


Aside from writing a great Goldeneye Fast Times Guide at GameFAQs, he went on to become one of the best players in the world, peaking at 2nd in Points and setting incredible World Records, including the longest standing World Record in Runway Secret Agent 0:23, though it's been tied by many since its' conception in 2001, and as of June 2012, beaten by Bryan Bosshardt in 0:22.

Perfect Dark

After burning out in Goldeneye, Karl focused on Perfect Dark, where he completely blew away any competition to become the most dominant champion ever seen.


His incredible rise would soon lead to a demise though, as his attitude became overpowering of his gaming skill, and he began making enemies at every step he took, mainly because of his gratuitous use of profanity. He's also been known to "retire" many many times and claim to be leaving The Elite forever, just to return to either the boards or PD competition, and has set more WRs in retirement than anybody could even imagine.

Karl's grudges against The Elite (for what reasons, we're all still unsure of) soon became all out hatred, to the point of his requesting removal of his times and not wanting anything to do with anything Elite for the rest of his life. Despite this attitude, he has returned to the community and reinstated his times on both the Goldeneye and Perfect Dark rankings.

Outside The Elite

Lately Karl has produced a considerable amount of original music and likes to practice Yoga and Taekwondo. Karl has also created a website devoted to helping men build the confidence to approach women (in the hope of dating them). Being a nerd most of his life, Karl had a large amount of 'Approach Anxiety' and thus could not get much success in his dating life. After years of effort he has now become confident around women and seeks to help other men also achieve success in this area.

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