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The Deku Scrub Games are three sub-games in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. A different layout runs every day.

The record holders are Pier-Yves Lemire for Day 1 (35.24) and 3 (21.67) and Simon Archambault for day 2. (20.65)

As for all Majora's Mask sub-games, rankings for these games are hosted by N64HS at [1].

Day One


Allright so as you can see in my video below I'm waiting to launch out. This is because you want to be able to time it so that the 2 middle platforms are on correct height for you to jump from one to the other which is the major time saver in this. Also it is important to get out of the deku flowers as soon as possible and adjust in the air instead of waiting to turn and have a correct angle. Since adjusting in the air won't make you lose much time versus the straight line road but that little loss is smaller then the time you lose turning around in the deku flower.


Day Two

Strat here

Day Three

Strat here

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