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Daniel Sampson is an average-levelled Australian Mario Kart player who plays SMK, MK64, MKSC, MKDS and MKWii. His competitive career started in 2007 when he joined the MKSC site, and the rest followed. He is known as PeachKart(cause he liked using Peach in MKSC) or Resident Dry Bones User(RDBU for short). His main rival is Christophe Charignon. They are currently in competition with each other across all of the Mario Kart series (except MKDD). While Daniel has the edge on MK64, MKSC and MKWii, Christophe is ahead on SMK and MKDS and is gaining quickly in both MKSC and MKWii. This has created an intense battle in the Combined Ranks, with Daniel slightly ahead for now!

SMK Skills

Daniel is currently ranked 244th (PAL) and is Warrior F overall. His best time is his Koopa Beach 1 5lap that stands at 1'02"44, ranked 137th and of Veteran E standard. His worst time is his Donut Plains 3 flap that stands at 21"90, ranked 290th and of Contender F standard.

MK64 Skills

Daniel is currently ranked 540th (Non-SC) and is Intermediate A overall. His best time is his Royal Raceway flap that stands at 1'01"06 (50"78), ranked 441st and of Semi-Pro D standard. His worst time is his Sherbet Land 3lap that stands at 2'23"37 (1'59"24), ranked 631st and of Apprentice A standard. He also has a SC time of note: a Frappe Snowland flap that stands at 6"64 (5"52), ranked 127th and of Elite C standard.

MKSC Skills

Daniel is currently ranked 61st and is Intermediate A overall. His best time is his Broken Pier flap that stands at 15"45, ranked 35th and of Hero E standard. His worst time is his Snow Land 3lap that stands at 1'23"80, ranked 94th and of Intermediate E standard.

MKDS Skills

Daniel is currently ranked 384th (Non-PRB) and is Intermediate A overall. His best time is his Rainbow Road flap that stands at 42"019, ranked 238th and of Advanced A standard. His worst time is his Delfino Square 3lap that stands at 1'49"167, ranked 553rd and of Intermediate C standard.

MKWii Skills

Daniel is currently ranked 265th and is Apprentice B overall. His best time is his Luigi Circuit flap that stands at 22"492, ranked 200th and of Expert C standard. His worst time is his Coconut Mall 3lap that stands at 2'11"899, ranked 524th and of Apprentice D standard.

Other Info

Daniel is 19 and lives in Australia. His first video game was Super Mario Land on Game Boy. Apart from games, he also like the National Rugby League(NRL), Aussie Rules(AFL) and the V8 Supercars. One day he hopes to join the MKDD page.

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