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Extra matches are the matches that come after the official elimination-style tournament has ended for some extra fun, and are meant to be interesting and/or funny. There is usually a certain reason for each extra match. The extra matches and explanations are listed below (after each match is over, the winner is italicized):

Extra match results

Day 1

For day 1 of the extra matches, we start out with an elimination-style tournament of world champions (+ 2 people very close to world chamion). Who's the most popular world champion? They couldn't all be in the first round, so MJ will start in the second round.

Pierre L'Hoest vs. Chris Flemmer

MKSC #1 vs. MKSC #2.

Richard Karlsson vs. Hendrik Bunde

MKDD #1 vs. MKDD #2.

Karel van Duijvenboden vs. Sascha Brauninger

SMK #1 vs. MKDS #1.

Day 2

For day 2 of the extra matches, we have round 2 of the tournament of world champions. Today is also the third place playoff, to see who comes in third place in the 2006 Karter Contest.

Michael Jongerius vs. Pierre L'Hoest

MK64 #1 vs. MKSC #1

Richard Karlsson vs. Karel van Duijvenboden

MKDD #1 vs. SMK #1

Sean Sullivan vs. Marius Mollenhauer

Third place playoff. Who will come in third place in the 2006 Karter Contest?

Day 3

For day 3 of the extra matches, we have the championship match for the tournament of world champions. Who's the most popular world champion, MJ or Karel? Today we also have 2 other matches between people who were quarterfinalists in the 2006 Karter Contest.

Michael Jongerius vs. Karel van Duijvenboden

MK64 #1 vs. SMK #1

William Lacey vs. Michael Liem

Match between 2 quarterfinalists.

Finn Berger vs. Vincent van der Fluit

Match between 2 quarterfinalists.

Day 4

For day 4 of the extra matches, we have some matches related to the unique campaigns of Tom Gaffikin and William Lacey.

Princess Lacey vs. Princess Peach

For William Lacey's match against Michael Jongerius, William dressed up as Princess Peach. This match is between William dressed up as Princess Peach (Princess Lacey) and the actual Princess Peach. Your vote here decides which Princess will be included in the next Mario game.

Example.jpg===Tom G vs. Tom G's gf's boobs]===

For Tom G match against Mark Jones, Tom posted a pic of his girlfriend topless, with "Mario Kart 64 DS SC SMK DD" written on her. Whether or not these boobs are sexy enough to beat Tom is for you to decide. The boobs have promised to become an MKSC times updater if they win this match. Your vote here decides who really was the one who beat Jones.

Tom Gaffikin's campaign vs. William Lacey's campaign

Tom posted pics of his gf's boobs. William Lacey dressed up as Princess Peach. Which campaign was better, more original, and funnier?

Day 5

For day 5 of the extra matches, we focus on 2 extremes of the karting community.

Finn Berger vs. Pobre

The old and wise Finn who makes insightful posts and improves at Kart like a turtle vs. the young, gangster-like Pobre (aka Jeffrey Gutierrez) who is well known for his spamming and improves quickly at Kart.

Finn Berger vs. Santa Claus

In the 2004 Karter Contest, we didn't have a picture of Finn, so we were forced to use a picture of Santa Claus as a replacement. Not many people noticed of course, since afterall Santa Claus looks just like many of us would have pictured Finn (a wise old man). However, eventually Finn posted a real pic of himself and we saw that he actually looks like a pretty cool guy, with the "I'm gonna pwn you at MK64" look on his face. Your vote here decides who's a more skillful racer, Finn when he's karting, or Santa riding his sleigh on Christmas.

Jeffrey Gutierrez vs. Pobre

The normal Jeffrey Gutierrez is intelligent, logical, helpful, respectful, nice, and one of the best contributors to the forum. However, occasionally he lets his alter ego, known as "Pobre", take over him (actually he's just 1 of a whole army of Pobres that's been trying to take control of the MB and eventually maybe even the world). When he becomes Pobre, he is the biggest spammer by far that the forum has ever known, with a post count of around 4.5 million. Pobre acts like a gangster and insults people often. Some people don't believe that 2 completely opposite personalities can really be the same person, but scientific research has shown that they are, in fact, only 1 person with multiple personalities. The cause of the change in personalities is still unknown, and psychologists are still trying to determine whether or not he's able to control which personality he displays at a particular moment. The personality he displays while he is karting is also unknown. Your vote here decides which personality is cooler and more likely to attract the female-Pobres.

Day 6

For day 6 of the extra matches, our theme is stuff that is kart-related vs. stuff that isn't kart-related.

Kart Gods vs. Jesus

Battle of the gods! Who's cooler, Jesus, god of Christianity, or the Kart Gods?

MK vids vs. Porn

Which is more fun/interesting to watch?

Michael Jongerius vs. Chuck Norris

People always talk about how tough/cool Chuck Norris is. He certainly is a pretty tough guy with his martial arts skills, and he seems pretty cool considering how many "Chuck Norris Facts" people have written. However, MJ (MK64 world champion) is also just as tough when it comes to MK64, and anyone who dares to challenge him gets pwned much worse than Chuck Norris has ever pwned anyone. So who really is the tougher/cooler guy, MJ or Chuck Norris? Your vote here decides whether or not MJ deserves to have a page of "Michael Jongerius Facts" written about him.

Day 7

For day 7 of the extra matches, we have some battles between people who have something in common.

BDash vs. Sascha Brauninger

Battle of the MKDS champions! MKDS Japanese champion vs. MKDS Players' Page champion. Your vote here decides whether or not BDash needs to start making more WR vids.

Hakan Cetin vs. Sami Cetin

Battle of the Cetins! Sami Cetin is one of the best all-round Mario Kart players, and as you all know he's the winner of the 2006 Karter Contest. Hakan Cetin is also somewhat famous for being Sami's brother, and also one of the worst all-round Mario Kart players, and is near the bottom of the rankings in 3 MKs. Hakan and Sami without a doubt have the record for the greatest difference in MK skills within the same family. Kind of hard to believe they're really brothers, right? Your vote here decides which one of them was actually adopted.

Hakan Cetin vs. Drunk Jamaican Guy

Battle of the MK n00bs! I already told you about Hakan Cetin. Drunk Jamaican Guy used to be the worst ranked player on the SMK Players' Page. He had insanely slow times like 99:59.99. I'm not quite sure why, but Drunk Jamaican Guy is no longer a member of the SMK site. Maybe he got removed due to lack of vid proof because no one believed that it was possible to suck so much at SMK. Is Drunk Jamaican Guy even a real karter? Or is he just an imposter and Hakan Cetin is the only person worthy of being called a true MK n00b?

Day 8

For day 8 of the extra matches, we have some more battles between people who don't like each other, have had some kind of argument with each other, or are some kinds of rivals in some way.

April Thompson vs. Brenda Marisol

Battle of the girls! Your vote here decides which one of them is more worthy of the flattering title of "karter-chick".

Matt Ellis vs. Milan Pacino

Battle between Milan, who thinks he's special, and Matt, who doesn't think Milan is special. They've not liked each other for awhile, I guess probably due to a personality difference. Recently it's been getting better and they don't hate each other as much anymore, and they've been talking to each other, or maybe they just insult each other now, I'm not really sure exactly what their convos are about. Your vote here decides whether or not Milan really is the "special one".

Andrew Math vs. John Hornick

Battle between the guy who passed John Hornick on MKDD, and John Hornick himself. Due to the fact John thinks Andrew was cheating, he was pretty mad, or at least not happy due to Andrew. Andrew keeps karting on, but thanks to John, he got a blue F. It's up to you who isn't worthy to be called a cheater.

Day 9

For day 9 of the extra matches, we have 2 matches between people from the same country, + a 60hz MKDD battle.

Marcelo Almeida dos Reis vs. Karlo Tomazelli

Battle of the Brazilian MK64 players!

Giulio Centrone vs. Fabio Sacco

Battle of the Italian MKDS players!

Marius Mollenhauer vs. Olivier P

Battle of the MKDD 60hzers!

Day 10

For day 10 of the extra matches, we have some matches between people and something that's in some way a rival of the person.

Hedley Hichens vs. MKDS kiddies

Hedley seems to like insulting the MKDS players. Are these insults justified? Or are the MKDS players more mature than he says they are? Your vote here decides whether or not Hedley will have to start addressing all MKDS players with the title "Sir".

Pobre vs. The MB

Pobre has recently been leading his army of Pobres in an attempt to conquer and take over the MB and assimilate the entire MB population into Pobres. Does he have what it takes to win the war? Your vote here decides whether or not Pobre will be the new forum admin.

John Hornick vs. GC controller

John Hornick destroyed his controller. The controller got mad at John, and demanded an extra match against him for revenge. Your vote here decides if the controller will be allowed to issue a restraining order against John.

Day 11

For day 11 of the extra matches, no central theme.

David Wonn vs. GLITCH_boss

David Wonn is one of the most well known glitch hunters in the entire video game community. He runs a popular glitch website, and is the discoverer of many famous glitches for many video games. GLITCH_boss is a glitch hunter for several Nintendo DS games. Whether or not he's found any major and/or very cool glitches yet is still unknown to me.

Mark Jones vs. Michael Liem

Two important people in the kart community. But who's more important? Who has more power? And even more importantly, who's cooler?

Pobre vs. Yazzo

The famous Swede meets the loudmouth Pobre. They are both known for their comments about society... and ladies.

Day 12

For day 12 of the extra matches, no central theme.

Jesus vs. Porn

The championship match for the day 6 matches! Jesus beat the Kart Gods and Porn beat MK vids. Now they're in a match against each other! Jesus or porn, which one has a more positive influence on your life? According to Christians, Jesus died so that we'll be forgiven for watching porn (and other sins). Well then I'd say we better start watching more porn, it would be a great disrespect to him to show that he got crucified for nothing! On the other hand, Porn finds it insulting that Jesus considers it to be a sin. According to the Porn Religion, Jesus is going to hell for not watching porn often enough.

GAB splits vs. Anything that DOES make sense

Discussions about GAB splits involve VAJ giving a long-winded example of the effects of roundoff error in NTSC/PAL conversions, followed by VAJ typing the phrase "GAB splits!" and feeling really happy about himself for having such a deep understanding of the topic. Then he types several paragraphs of complete gibberish, and then he suggests a new completely random, illogical, and complicated conversion formula that would give PALies an advantage. The thoughts of most people are usually "huh?" Then VAJ gets frustrated from no one understanding him, blames it all on English being his 2nd language, and proceeds to give another long-winded example of roundoff error, hoping that this time people will be able to see the truth about GAB splits.

Marius Mollenhauer vs. 50hz

Marius, champion of the 60hzers, who plays the game it was meant to be played, vs. 50hz. Despite having most of the 60hz WRs, Marius doesn't have a single overall WR. Marius has a grudge against 50hzers for having an unfair advantage. Are Marius' skills inferior to the top 50hzers as his worse average finish would suggest? Or is Marius the best MKDD player in the world, and it's an amazing achievement how close he can be to the top 50hzers despite having a disadvantage.

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