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[[Image:Pyl.JPG|thumb|Pier-Yves Lemire]]
'''Pier-Yves Lemire''' is a popular member of multiple gaming communities.
== Kart ==
In 2001 PYL joined the [[Mario Kart 64]] site. He climbed the ranks slowly in both non-SC and SC playing mostly during summers, reaching about Legend level in both. He is presently ranked 64th in non-SC and 21st in SC. He also played [[Super Mario Kart]] for a month or two around February 2005 after borrowing a [[SNES]] from a friend. He made his way to King on the old ranking before having to return the SNES. He is currently 93rd.
== The Elite ==
PYL's active career in [[The Elite]] was relatively short as he never got around to achieve good times. He managed to get points on a few levels but never had more then 15 in [[Goldeneye]] while in [[Perfect Dark]] he was able to tie the [[Duel]] Agent WR but didn't score in any other stage. However he enjoys hanging around the [http://the-elite.net/chat.html Elite Chatroom] from time to time and plays on the Elite's [[Goal Line Blitz]] team.
== N64HS ==
PYL has however been very active in a lot of games tracked by [[N64HS]], topping many leaderboards or otherwise being ranked highly. He is currently leading the [[Majora's Mask]] ranking and was tied for first place in [[Ocarina of Time]] for a while. Other games he has been listed the top player in include [[Jet Force Gemini]], Mario Party 2, Cruis'n World and Cruis'n USA where he held all but 3 World Records. He has also played [[Super Smash Bros]], focusing mainly on the Platforms mode and has competed in [[Super Mario 64]]. In fact, he used to play just about all his games for highscores and fast times!
In addition to competing, PYL has been updating rankings page at N64HS and helping maintain the site. He is also a former updater of the Mario Kart 64 World Records page.
== Outside Gaming ==
Despite being always busy with school and work, PYL still finds time to play volleyball, his favorite sports, and some card and board games with his friends. He also started playing Chess a few years ago. During the short Canadian summer he enjoys going roller blading, biking and running outside. He is also a budding cook and likes to make cakes.
{{2012 Elite Summer Contest}}
{{2010 Karter Contest}}

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