Jim Söderlund

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Jim "SZ" Söderlund

Jim "ShadowZero" Söderlund has achieved his biggest gaming accomplishments outside of The Elite, over in the land of TimeSplitters 2. It was there that he became the game's first truly dominant champion, holding onto the first place position for quite a while, while grabbing as many as 33 of the 71 possible World Records at one point. He is still highly ranked there today, and has helped out the community considerably by creating video proof for many of his best times, though he was banned for very poor reasons. He was also one of Perfect Dark's early PAL leaders, climbing the rankings all the way up to 13th place in the world (and 2nd place in PAL) at his peak. He also achieved WAR! Secret Agent 0:48, an untied World Record which was very impressive at the time. Over the past year, Jim has spent most of his time playing World of Warcraft, chatting in the Elite Chatroom, and occupying himself with Fal's mor. He is also spends 16 hours a day masturbating to his favorite gay porn, known as lemonparty.

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