Ilari Pekkala

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Illari "Illu" Pekkala

Ilari "Illu" Pekkala, who joined The Elite in early 2004, instantly showed great potential in Goldeneye. He popularized Dark LTK and has been the champion since its' emergence. He currently holds 11 World Records, as well as beating all 16 levels that have been beaten by anyone. Ilari later joined the normal Goldeneye ranks, where he quickly achieved several uncommon records, including Dam A 0:53 (which was his first record). He has since risen into 2nd place, holding 30 World Records, including an untied sweep on Aztec. Ilari has also played Perfect Dark, where he achieved some impressive Defection times (0:06/0:39/1:26) and Chicago A 0:15, among other notable times. He also holds the PAL 16-star World Record on Super Mario 64.

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