Greg Lavery

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Greg "Zeebo" Lavery

Greg "Zeebo" Lavery has been a cornerstone of the The Elite community since the site's inception back in April 2002. He was a part of the original staff, alongside cohorts Derek Clark and Jon Barber, as the Elite's updater, and was always a great source of funny news tidbits and silly antics, such as April Fools Day 2002, that kept Eliters coming back for more. His Goldeneye and Perfect Dark careers were very stable, as he rose to high levels in both, but has since fallen back to the 30s. A good dose of Greg can be found in the Illinois 2002 vids, where he shows just how tall he really is. Currently, his passions include movies and online poker, the latter of which has earned him an impressive amount of money (he recently became the Elite's first self-made millionaire, entirely off poker winnings).

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