Greg Larkin

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Greg "Lark" Larkin is 16 years old.

Introduction To Gaming

Greg first played the Nintendo 64 in 1997 at a friends house. He happend to have a small collection of games, one which happend to be Goldeneye. So most days after school greg and his friend would play this new FPS that recently came out. A year later Greg got his own N64 for his birthday at age 8, and picked up Super Mario 64, Diddy Kong Racing, and Goldeneye. Throughout the early, he would play GE multiplayer with his friends around 1999 for hours on end. Though when I new game came about, he only played occasionally. the elite website through where he was linked to the GE WR's page. Here, in the elite, Greg is proving to be a solid player and is slowly rising up the rankings. In mid september of 2006, he got his first two World Records which are Depot Agent 26, as well as Runway Secret Agent 23.