White Land 2

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White Land 2 is F-Zero X's seventeenth course, and King Cup's fifth course.

3lap Time

1. Lap: Railslide to right wall and slide the entire first turn of the half-pipe and after that you gotta DTD on the certain sides of the half-pipe, DTD to the side of the half-pipe that you are on (left side=DTD left. right side=DTD right) (look at the videos it's hard to explain). on the big DTD you have to press diagonally down-right to get to ideal diving angle and place and use DTD-Z, holding up as you go, keep yourself on the track as those +2000 speeds can be lethal here, as you get to the booster on the near end of track, on the left side of pipe you got 3 options 1. Simple DTD, drive off the left side of pipe and DTD-Z turning your machine so that it lands on the right side of pipe.(hardest to do in my opinion) 2. complicated DTD or ACI-DTD, side attack to the left and high into air, from there DTD-Z. (This requires a lot of speed from big DTD to stay in the track) 3. TDD, Slide of the left side and hold down as you fly. (in my opinion the best and easiest) pick full energy from other of rechargers depending on how you landed.

2. Lap: same as 1. lap except there's one alternative on the first turn, 1. you can DTD on the sides of it or 2. slide it like in first lap

3. Lap: same as 2. lap

Video help: 1. look at JKT's video for first turn DTD of pipe sides and the simple DTD 2. look at DGP or ML named videos for sliding of first turn and ACI-DTD 3. look at piccolocube's video for TDD, but you shouldn't side attack as you are about to do it like piccolo does.

Fast Lap

Should come as you do the 3-lap-strat

Max Speed

Max DTD speed is possible on the big DTD when doing normal 3-lap-strat

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