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The Water Temple is the sixth dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This dungeon is astoundingly complicated and very non-linear. Optimal usage of Farore's Wind actually makes this the fastest adult dungeon to complete. Try not to get lost:

Speed guide

The levels of the Water Temple are labelled 3F (the top floor, where you enter), 2F (the middle floor), 1F (the ground floor, with sand) and B1 (a few rooms underneath the central column).

You enter the temple from the south. Cast FW at the entrance. Put your Iron Boots on and Drop to 1F East to meet Ruto. Don't fall all the way to the floor; take off your Iron Boots as soon as you're low enough to enter the corridor, and just swim along the ceiling to meet her.

Float up, play Zelda's Lullaby to drop the water level to 1F, fall back to 2F by sidehopping down the hole and jump attacking mid fall. Put the bomb on the left side of the cracked wall and wait on the right for the explosion, then instantly run through and collect Small Key #1. Drop down to 1F. Aim for the corner of the bottom room so you're in the best position for the next bit.

Light the two torches to enter the barred door, and beat the three clam things with your Hookshot to get Small Key #2.

Warp back to your warp point. Jump down to the balcony on 2F.

Do a Hookshot Ascent and a type II High Grab:

Guide: Hookshot Ascent
Guide: High Grab

This skips an entire Small Key door.

Now raise the water level to 3F and using your two Small Keys, enter 3F West. Cast FW again immediately on entering. Make your way past the various puzzles. When you reach the area with the Like Like and two Tektites, just Hookshot the Like Like instead of the target over it. Then go through to Dark Link.

You need to clash swords with him N times, where N is the number of heart containers you currently have. Then, you can beat him with the Megaton Hammer. Again, he needs N hits. It's easiest to whack him, then turn to face the camera, because then he appears behind you (i.e. right where you can see him) and you can hit him again.

Collect the Longshot. Play the Song Of Time while standing at the chest. Fall into the rapids area.

Swim through to the safe point (swimming is easier and faster than running underwater). Shoot the eye and Longshot the chest to collect Small Key #3. Continue your way through.

You arrive at a small ledge overlooking a whirlpool area. Put on your Iron Boots and drop straight over the edge. You land on the snake head where you can Longshot the switch and then collect Small Key #4.

Warp back to your warp point on 3F. Re-enter the main room and cast FW again.

Jump down to 1F North. Longshot over the spikes and use your third Small Key to enter the "swimming pool" area. Swim straight across: don't bother to fight the currents, they neither speed nor delay you, and they will naturally keep you away from the Tektites if you swim fast enough.

In the next room, it's a good plan to remain on the ledge and shoot all the Stingers with arrows before you do a type III High Grab:

Guide: High Grab

Go right in the next bit, to reach a locked door. Use your fourth and final Small Key to open it and go inside to get the Boss Key.

Immediately warp back to your warp point on 3F. Go north and Longshot the target to reach the far side.

To deal with the moving spikes: wait maybe half a second, then run straight up the left-hand side of the ramp.

Boss guide: Morpha

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