The Wheatfield

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The Wheatfield is GLB's best team ever. It's owned and ran by wheatrich and has many eliters involved within including octo, comet, shep, ngamer, come, SZ, DK, shade, boss, and most importantly nari!

Current GM's that aren't eliters (guys who have been instrumental to our team's success/guys with 3 or more players on the team cause I don't want them leaving and have to freaking recruit to replace them lol) aliuking damanwithdamoves steeks amalsan

Wheatfield historical records League titles 1 (AA4 season 8) Conference titles 1 (AA4 season 8)

Season 4 EEA7 alpha 16-6 (including scrimmages) highlights upset the Sofia Spiders and ruined their dream undefeated season lost in semifinals

Season 5 EEA7 alpha 18-5 including scrimmages no highlights here went 14-2 regular season but lost in semifinals

Season 6 EEA7 alpha 20-8 including scrimmages a down year for us as we figured we'd go undefeated lost in semifinals AGAIN when I thought we were definitely better

Season 7 EEAA4 zeta 15-9 including scrimmages got hurt pretty bad with the move up highlights almost upset the 1 seed in the first round of the playoffs

Season 8 EEAA4 zeta 20-8 including scrimmages we challenged ourselves in the scrimmages after a 14-2 regular season highlights Won league championship

Season 9 EEAAA2 zeta 19-6 so far including scrimmages after being the top seed and a 14-2 regular season we had a heartbreaking loss in the conference final highlights should move up to pro. We obliterated most of the solid AAA teams in other leagues.

Season 10 EEPro ???

historical data

here's our seasonal records so see if you can beat them guys

QB Smooth King season 7 71.5% season 9 7 INT's

QB Casper Colt season 6 127.4 QB rating 7272.5 yards 87 TD's

HB trindon 4.2-holiday season 6 306 rushes

HB trindon 4.2-holiday season 7 2412.5 yards rushing 89 rushing TD's 20 receiving TD's

HB justin frenzy season 8 242 receptions 2382 rec yards

WR alphonso gravano season 6 3089.5 yards 26 yds/catch 42 TD's (good luck beating that lol)

WR merdin silverhammer season 6 2026 yards 26 TD's

DE caius lucius season 6 122 tackles 65 sacks (good luck with that too)

DE want me 8 PD's season 9 2 FF's

DE nari the machine season 8 47 sacks

DT fruit rollup 10 FF's season 9 44 tackles

DT JF dub 44 tackles season 8

NT douggie brown 43 tackles season 8

LB David Perkins 4 INT's season 9 76 tackles season 8

LB Aran Ryan 8 FF's season 9 9 sacks

LB don't want 31 PD's season 9

LB Manny "Bringing the" Lawson 97 tackles season 7

CB tbone pain season 4 70 tackles season 5 9 INT 5 TD's 2 FF's season 6 78 PD's CB Darrell Steel 70 PD's season 8 8 INT's 3 TD's 2 FF's

FS SS Smash Bros 76 tackles 3 FF season 5 26 PD's season 7 3 INT's 5 sacks season 6

KR/PR Lelouch Lamperlouge average season 5 32.3 KR season 6 2018 yards season 7 punt yards Catchy Mchands season 9 4607 32.9 PR avg 41 TD's

best players we've had (aka the all time wheatfield lineup)

QB Smooth King seasons 7-9 FB Din Mor seasons ?-9 HB WR gargamel _ season 9 WR alphonso gravano season 5, 6

DE caius lucius DE nari the machine

SS smash bros