The Elite Radio

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The Elite Radio "Logo"


The idea for an online radio station for The-Elite.Net was born on June 4, 2007. Kirby had a huge urge to make an online radio station, and his current server (which is actually his friend's server) didn't have enough bandwidth to support SHOUTcast, so he asked Ngamer about it, and he said that he'd host it on his server, TheNGamer

Opening Day

TEN Radio will begin operation on the day that Kirby repays his At World's End debt to Ngamer. So no doubt very soon!


DJs are, you know, the awesome people that talk in between songs, hold contests, and other cool things!

Current DJs

The only DJ that is currently "working" is Kirby, but once actually get the station started, there will probably be some sort of auditions to "hire" other DJs.


  • It should be noted that Ngamer put Kirby in full contol of this project.
  • The-Elite Radio is also known as "TEN Radio" for short.