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A few players have attempted to speed run the stages found in the story mode of TimeSplitters 2. No formal rankings pages exist, although the world records are tracked in this topic in the TS2 forums at scopinfo.com.

Timing story mode speedruns

There is no in-game timer in the story mode stages of TS2, making the timing of story mode speedruns difficult. The lack of an in-game timer is also the reason that story mode stages weren't included in the Timesplitters 2 World Rankings.

Originally, timing was done by looking at the total time played in the player's profile in the options screen before a story mode stage was played. After completion of the stage, the total time played was again checked, and by subtracting the total time found before the stage was played, the time it took to complete the stage was found. This method was later found to be flawed. Some players recorded their story mode speedruns, and discrepencies arose when they compared the time found by using the VCR timer to time to runs to the time found by looking at the player profile. The reason for this is that, although the game only displays the total time played in whole seconds, it keeps track of fractions of seconds internally. When subtractions of total time played are done, the time it took to actually complete the story mode stage could be off by an entire second.

Currently, there are two acceptable methods for timing story mode speed runs.

First method

The first, and most common, is recording the run using a VCR, and then replaying the run while using the timer built into the VCR to time the run.

Second method

The second method involves recording the run on a VCR and then using video capturing equipment to capture the run onto a computer. There timing can be done frame by frame. This method is considered to be the most accurate, although few players are able to actually do it.

Both methods have their own seperate issues with accuracy, but taking into consideration the informal nature of TS2 Story Mode competition, they are regarded as being sufficient.


An exception to the previous methods is made in the case of any run on Siberia, which is the first story mode stage. For Siberia speedruns, a player should make a new profile and then go and complete their Siberia run. Afterwards, they should just check the total time in their player profile, which will display the correct time of the run. After this, the player will have to again make a new profile before completing another Siberia speedrun. One final note about this; the game timer will not account for restarts made while attempting a Siberia speedrun. It will only count a full completion. For example, a player could restart the stage for 10 minutes and then get a completion of 2:06. The game timer will only display 2:06 and not count the 10 minutes of restarting.

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