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Stephen "Webinator" Weber is a member of the Mario Kart community.


Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Weber is a former moderator and news writer of the Mario Kart Wii section on the Mario Kart Player's Page. He is fairly new player that mainly plays Mario Kart, however also belongs to Cyberscore and VGR game rankings sites. He mainly goes by the nickname thewebinator, Webinator or Web for short. He joined the gaming scene in early 2008 after he quickly became addicted with Mario Kart Wii time trials, and is still active breaking records today.

Weber currently belongs all 8 of the player's pages. He joined the Mario Kart Wii player's page in late 2008 and soon after joined the rest of the pages, with the last being MK8 in early 2016. Although not greatly successful in any of the games, he currently has a Hero C rank in Mario Kart Wii and has had two regional top 10s over his career with the game, as well as being an average player in most of the other titles. He was a former news writer and can still be seen updating from time to time, helping out the community when he can. Most of the time he tries to PR at least once a week when he gets time to play kart for a while, and although his progress has slowed slightly he hopes to keep breaking PRs and working up higher in the standard ranks.

Outside of MarioKart, he has been successful on Cyberscore and VGR video game rankings sites, competing in a few other games, including Banjo-Kazooie, and the Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games series. He hopes to continue speedrunning and breaking records for some time to come.

When he isn't playing video games, Weber is either in running or attending school (currently a freshman in college) or running. He has been part of a cross-country and track team since the fourth grade. He hopes to continue with his running into college.

Karter Contest 2K10

Weber was selected to be one of the 128 preliminary contestants in the fourth Karter Contest 2K10. He was selected into a challenging group in the first round, consisting of Tom Norton, Mickael Smolen, and Markus Hobelsberger. After some clever campaigning involving cake, he gained 22 votes and placed third out of four in the group and earned a spot in the bracket. After the second round matchups were announced, Weber was chosen to face Florent Lecoanet, also known as Neo. In this match he was not as lucky as he lost by about 20 votes and was eliminated from the contest.

Karter Contest 2K12

For the 2012 version of the contest, Weber was selected in the "auto-in" group of 32 who bypassed the nomination process through Zarkov's dictating hand. He eagerly awaits the first round of competition.

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