Stefan Glosby

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Born in England, Stefan Glosby started out in competitive gaming by playing Goldeneye and Perfect Dark where he obtained 2 of the easy PD WRs (Duel A and SA) and peaked at 184th and 142nd respectively in the charts.

He eventually got bored of the games after struggling to improve his times and reverted to the Mario Kart series, finding it a much more rewarding experience and a better online community.

Stefan plays 6 of the Mario Kart titles. His favourite, and strongest, game is MK64, in which he ranked as high as #172 (King D) and held a national top 10 time on Bowser's Castle flap.

Stefan can also be found among the rankings on N64HS, VGR and Cyberscore.

He held the 3rd highest score of all time on Smashtastic Cricket's 'Slog Mode' at one point. He was still 9th when the rankings closed.

Another area in which he takes an interest is speedrunning Ocarina of Time, completing a +5 Boss run in 3h 53mins.

He works for a publishers in London and lives with his fiancée.

In his spare time he enjoys reading, writing, following Chelsea FC and taking part in quizzes. He failed an audition for Countdown in 2010 but hopes to try again soon.

Stefan's best year in karting occurred in 2014 when he was nominated for MKSC Player of the Year. He is currently in the top 50 and aiming for the UK top 5.