Stain Removal

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Stain Removal

Stain Removal is the third stage of the Glass Smash series in the Challenges for TimeSplitters 2.


Fast Strategy

Before you start out you'll need to make a custom control setup. Place either of the weapon switch functions on one of the left shoulder buttons on the controller. You'll be doing a lot of weapon switching in this challenge. It's much faster to shoot, double-tap the weapon switch, and then shoot again, than to just fire regularly.

Now for the strat. Start, look up and to the right and fire a shot, breaking the first of the four arched windows you can see. Move to the right and take out the next three as you go. Then fire another shot to take out the round window. Look to the right very slightly and fire two more shots at the upper-level of the far away arched panes. You should be as far as you can move now. Look down and fire a shot at the lower arched pane that's closest to you, then look over to the left and fire a shot at the large arched pane that's below the round window you broke earlier. Look up and to the right and fire two shots at whichever two upper arched windows remain while backing up a bit. Look down and fire two shots at the remaining lower arched windows. If you are lucky, you may have pulled of a double pane shot and there's only one to take out.

As soon as you fire at the last remaining window, look up and left and take out the two arched panes while moving back towards where you started. After those are taken out, look down and take out the three windows in front of you. All of the previous should be done smoothly and without pause in the weapon switching and firing.

When the third one is taken out, turn to the left, look up and when you are clear of the pillar start firing at the windows opposite the ones you took out right at the beginning. Take out the first two in the same order as you did in the beginning, then look to the right and take out the pane that is to the right of those two, then look back to the left and continue on. Finish taking out the remaining two close arched windows, then take out the circle window. Look slightly to the left and take out the top row of far arched windows. Look down, fire a shot at the pane on the bottom row that is farthest away, quickly look over to the right and fire a shot at the arched window under the circle window, then look back over to the left and take out the last two windows, ending with the one closest to you.


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