Snow Business

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Snow Business

Snow Business is the second stage of the Burns 'n' Bangs series in the Arcade Honorary League in TimeSplitters 2.


Strats here.

Ok, so I have the WR on this so i'll just tell you what I did. This is pretty much the luckiest WR in the world. It requires little skill and alot of lucky spawning. Basically you have to get a spawn down in the bunker. I think if i remember correctly (its been about 5years!) that you can get either spawn. Then what you do is wait downstairs. Basically every now and again your other team-mate will go crazy and start killing people exceptionally quickly and you'll see your score rapidly going up in the corner. In the meantime as you're down stairs you should be going forwards and backwards from one end to the other, but NOT going to close to the exits, if anything i think i moved very little in my run, took maybe 6 seconds of running in either direction and back. I killed about 4 of the enemies myself and the other character did the rest.

If you're wondering why its not taped, have a look at my ranking, which goes to show the luck involved in this. I'm sure the strats on vid are almost identical but i got lucky with the spawns.

Good luck.


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