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Silence is F-Zero X's second course, and Jack Cup's second course.

3lap Time

Since we have to take just some certain boosters I'll refer to them with numbers. (first booster of track is 1 second is 2 etc.) On all laps take boosters 1,2,4,5,6,8 missing 3 and 7. Use slider settings (all the way left to max acceleration). And now the actual strat.

1. Lap: Take the first booster and just as you hit it do a hard railslide to the left wall and exit the slide keeping as much speed as possible, then take all boosters I told, approaching the recharge zone there's a tunnel before it, just about as you see tunnel end from the tunnel start a railslide to right wall and exit it where recharge zone ends

2. Lap: Boost as fast as you can and take the boosters i told, when you have passed 30-50% of the healing zone railslide to right, boosting all the time, on the end you should lift off and perform a TDD, you gotta press slightly down to maximize it's effect(pressing too much throws you out of track and too less, costs speed). You should slightly hit the left wall as you land, get the machine straight as soon as possible to keep as much speed as possible

3. Lap: Same as 2. lap

Fast Lap

3. lap of normal 3-lap-strat should do it but use only 1 boost on 2. lap to do the TDD

Max Speed

Max speed comes in the normal TDD of 3-lap-strat

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