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Jean-François "Shade" Dubreuil

Jean-François "Shade" Dubreuil joined The Elite in the summer of 2001.

Perfect Dark

Shade quickly became a Perfect Dark powerhouse, so much so that his times were doubted and he was removed from the rankings for a short period. He was readded a few months later, and quickly continued his rise to the Top 30.

In 2002, Shade was the first NTSC-only player to go below 26:00 in total Agent time and had champion potential written all over him. This would fade slightly, as he was removed from the rankings again in March 2002, amid controversy and lack of proof on some of his incredible World Records, including Air Force One A 0:54 and Maian SOS PA 2:09.

Shade would again be re-added, eventually with all of his times, which bumped him into 2nd place, right behind then-champ Karl Jobst. This would be his peak, with 6 300 point stages, and 28 World Records at the peak of his career. He even managed to pass Karl (though unofficially) for about a week, until he was removed again because of continuous proof issues.

When the new Elite Proof Policy was put in place, Shade was added with all of his proven times, which only ranks him 72nd in points, but 19th on the Proven Rankings. He continues to play, albeit sporadically.

Mario Kart

While his Perfect Dark career may seem to be in a bit of disarray, his time spent on Mario Kart 64 has earned Shade the right to call himself a Legend. A Legend A, at least, as that is his current rank, 35th place overall, and the 3rd best player in Canada.

He was been one of the most consistently active Karters for a long time, even earning a Player of the Week back in 2003, keeping pace with one of the fastest rising players ever to grace the site. Perhaps the most important part of his time on Mario Kart is the proof of his skills as he has been one of the best at providing videos for his times.

Elite Popularity

Though Shade is a highly talented gamer, much of his immense popularity stems from just how likeable he is. He has been one of the most active chatters since Elite Chat began, and has made many close friends through The Elite, some of which he's even gone to great lengths to meet.

His gaming skills, likeability, and sexy haircut have given Shade his reputation as a big French pimp from Quebec who makes the world a better place.

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