Sand Ocean 2

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Sand Ocean 2 is F-Zero X's twenty-second course, and Joker Cup's fourth course.

3lap Time

Strat here.

Fast Lap

Strat here.

Max Speed

Sand Ocean 2 - (Goal: Over 2000/Possible Speed: Over 2400)

After obtaining your boost. Head for the curve before the 4th dash plate. Boostslide on that curve to give yourself some speed and hit the dash plate, then boost once more before entering the tunnel. Once you enter you'll most likely take air. DT-Z here to steer your ship away from the track a bit as you're gaining height (So you'd have room for the dive once the right height is attained), and staighten yourself as much as you can. Keep boosting until you come quite close to the finish line, then DTD-Z down. It's preferavble to do this on lap 3, that way you can use all your energy to gain height and not worry about killing yourself since the machine will most likely cross the finish line as it's exploding. Though when your doing this, you have to make sure that you land the dive before you cross the finish line.

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