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Robert "Shep" Shepherd

Robert "Shep" Shepherd is a highly active member of The Elite community.

Before the Elite

Robert has lived in London, England most of his life. He spent three years in Leeds studying Politics and later obtained an MSc in Middle Eastern Politics from SOAS.

Robert played Goldeneye from its release in August 1997 and spent many years running through the levels with friends finding interesting ways to challenge himself. During his time at Leeds University, he set up a huge screen in the hall of residence on which several multiplayer tournaments were held. He created a simple cardboard structure so that the four competitors in any given match were unable to see their opponents screens, leading to some very intense matches.

Throughout this time Robert had little to no access to the internet and it wasnt until much later that he came across

The Elite

At the start of 2004 Robert discovered The Elite by accident.

Thinking he was pretty good at the game, he was fairly blown away watching the videos hosted on the site and quickly set himself up with a times page. He joined the original GoldenEye 'noob rivalry' run at the time by an almost equally fresh Alex Anderson, competing with Alex, Pascal Viets and YE amongst others. After getting Streets Agent 115 he was called out by Pascal who believed he was faking. Ten minutes later he got another on tape. Despite never really having any outstanding times, he went on to be one of the most proven players back then. Indeed Robert never pushed on to go for really good times, settling on getting just one 'reasonable' (ie bad) completion on each level. Consequently his rankings peak was around 70.

Robert's main Goldeneye accomplishment was becoming the 8th player to beat all 20 Levels on LTK difficulty. He considers obtaining these times to be arguably the most fun he's had in gaming. He has also beaten a few levels on DLTK.

Although also owning the game since release, he never really played Perfect Dark for times, since the game lagged too much on his system ffs?

Robert retired from active Goldeneye competition by the end of 2004, although he thinks he may have got a random LTK PR sometime in early 2005.

Other gaming

Outside of Goldeneye, Robert has extensively played CounterStrike and World of Warcraft.

Introduced to the game by Axel Andersson and Mallow, CS 1.6 quickly became a huge obsession for Robert. He followed the pro scene closely and played countless public matches. Some of the most exciting moments in his gaming life were watching SK play in the CPL and considers SK vs Rival on mill in CPL Summer 2004 to be the best match ever played. He played competitively for a while with clan karma, sometimes with Axel (although Axel was like way too good), but stopped in mid 2007 after getting frustrated with the number of people who switched to play Source.

He picked up WoW at its EU release in 2005, playing the character 'Darthrob' in guild Rabid Badger Alehouse with fellow Elite member Mark Rayson. In the summer of that year he moved on to help build raiding guild Philanthropists, where he was one of the main officers and website moderator/administrators. In early 2006 he made a character switch to warlock 'Keyla'. Philanthropists moved on to become one of the best (and most strategically creative) guilds in Europe, challenging for the World first kill of C'thun. Together with friend Hangman, he pioneered new endgame raiding Warlock strategies on the Elitist Jerks forum. Robert also organised server wide contests, including a huge event to assist with the opening of the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj. He quit playing the game as a full-time raider after the Summer of 2006.

Robert was dragged to The Kill Everyone Project by Come, where he was became the second highest ranked original Elite member - peaking around 60 Worldwide and Top 5? 3? 2? in the UK (he forgets - Come?). He is one of a few Eliters to have been simultaneously ranked in the Top 200 at TKEP and Gasgames.

Other games he enjoys include Super Mario series, Madden, Tiger Woods, Guitar Hero 3 and Grand Theft Auto series. He had a full strategy planned for the San Andreas speedrun World Record but the game took so long to play that he just couldnt be bothered to complete the run. Although never submitting a times page, he played Mario Kart 64 for a while and had a few ok times. Robert considers Marsh's Half Life 2 speedrun to be the best complete game speedrun ever produced.

Finaly Fantasy 7 was for a long time believed to be the best game ever. Now he is unsure whther the fun had playing Goldeneye and CS has topped that.

Contributions to the Community


Robert has been a regular in the Elite Chatroom since joining and is responsible for several ridic Chat memes. He is also known for provocative grading of Elite competition entries and brackets.

There was a time when Robert was legitimately an expert on the current status of Football (Soccer) worldwide. He has served as a moderator at Xtratime, and as a Super-Moderator at World Football Board. However he doesnt follow the sport as actively anymore and thus probably knows less about it now than Ngamer.

Robert has since become a huge NFL fan, and otherwise enjoys watching nearly all sports in a social environment. He participates in many Elite Fantasy Sports leagues, winning Fantasy Golf in 2007, and is without question the best drafter in Elite Fantasy Sports history!

He took up poker whilst living in Leeds and played some live tournaments and online before the internet boom. These days he plays poker relatively infrequently, instead focusing on Sports and Prop Betting, as well as Blackjack. Pretty much his entire current bankroll has grown from money taken off Phil Hellmuth heads up at UltimateBet in 2004.

Robert enjoys watching Mixed Martial Arts and has attended several UFC events. Arianny ldo.

He enjoys listening to Trance music, in particular

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