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This article is about the weapon from Perfect Dark.

The Reaper is a ghastly assault weapon of Skedar design, found only on Skedar Ruins. It's a two-handed monstrosity with three rotating barrel attachments; when shooting it, you have to let it "spin up" to speed before it reaches its ridiculous maximum fire rate. The magazine is 200 rounds, the most of any weapon in the game, but the Reaper's accuracy is so atrocious that only about 10% of those 200 come close to what you're aiming at.

The secondary mode is a melee function, allowing you to use the sharpened cusps on the barrels to grind enemies close-up.

Bronze Strategy

Target time of 22.28s, the fastest known time

Duck slightly to the right of the computer at the 2nd (lowest) crouch level. This will improve your accuracy. Hold "R" and aim at the middle of the center target. While firing try to stutter your fire by tapping the "Z" button. A lot depends on luck and how many of your shots can hit bullseyes before youy have to reload. Hopefully you will be above 550 or so by your reload time. While reloading slide to the right slightly and aim at the far right target's center and fire untill finished.

Silver Strategy

Strat here.

Gold Strategy

Strat here.

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