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The R-Tracker is a commonly-used item in Perfect Dark.

Its main use is in the Combat Simulator for monitoring the locations of things like enemies, briefcases and hills. Remember that

  1. range kind of compresses towards the edge of the radar, and
  2. a tiny triangle pointing up or down indicates an object which is above or below you respectively.

It's also used on Ruins for determining as early as possible whether the right pillars are nominated for destruction. You can't tell right away but a few moments after the first pillar you usually can.

The rest of the time the R-Tracker is largely pointless if you know what you're doing.

Gadget training

The R-Tracker is also the subject of a gadget training mission.

The record for this mission is 11.60 seconds and is held by Chris Rayola.

Perfect Dark gadget training
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