Notable Elite Moments of 2014

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Great Moments of 2014

  • Trent releases a cool New Zealand honeymoon video (January 1) [1]
  • Boss (Perfect Dark), Jones/Weatherton (Mario Kart 64), and Alex/Goose (Goldeneye) stream to 60k fans and help raise over a million dollars for charity at AGDQ (January 10) [2]
  • Cervone makes national headlines for the new NBA analysis tool he developed at Harvard (February 6) [3]
  • Chat gets hooked on browser game TagPro, eventually playing over 2000 hours, earning Player of the Month honors for Youse, QB, and Third, and launching a professional team named Four Kings (February 15) [4]
  • Team Elite wins the annual SUMS Puzzle Hunt, defeating over 400 teams from around the globe and earning $200 (May 10)
  • Goose gets 3 hours on the frontpage as a Speedrun Community Spotlight, about 10k viewers tune in (May 22) [5]
  • Jimbo re-launches The Elite Podcast (June 21) [6]
  • Alex completes an intense GE 100% run in front of 50k viewers at SGDQ (June 26) [7]