Neo's Theme Song

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Neo's Theme was penned by QB in August of 2003 and is one of the great literary achievements in Elite history.

Your name's from the Matrix

Rumor has it you hate chicks

You could really use a facelift

And those are just the basics.

You've always been little

And always second fiddle

You make the girls giggle

And you really suck at riddles

Geoff is a bore

And your sister is a whore

The twins, I abhor

But I'm sleeping with your mor

The biggest loser on the planet

Lesser than a piece of granite

Not only when it's shined

But all the fucking time

The Colts keep losing

It's really quite amusing

Here's an unrelated musing

Why do your zits keep oozing?

You jerk to LemonParty

And your jokes are all retarded

They should all be discarded

But instead we get bombarded

Your teeth are all crooked

Thus, you aren't good looking

So you're never gonna hook in

Unless some girl's hooking

You sucked at Perfect Dark

And you prolly fuck with Mark

I'd rather hang with Lark

Cause you've really jumped the shark

Don't get mad at Kelly

Just because she thinks you're smelly

You don't drop E's when spelling

Pad, you're simply not gellin'

I'd say he's filled with angst

But it's tough to rhyme with angst

So I'm settling for emo

He's poker's opposite of Zeebo

Pad, you really suck at life

And you'll never take a wife

Prepare for 80 years of strife

Or just end it with a knife