Mute City 3

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Mute City 3 is F-Zero X's eighteenth course, and King Cup's sixth course.

3lap Time

Strat here.

Fast Lap

Strat here.

Max Speed

Mute City 3 - (Goal: 3000)

The strat here involves using jump plates 3 & 4, where the track starts having no gates. Simply, you have to DTD off the 3rd jump plate to gain speed to jump real high when you hit the 4th jump plate, then you DTD off of that one as well. It may sound simple, but it's one of the harder 3000's to pull off. You have to worry about 2 things when jumping off that 4th jump plate: 1st is the probablity off going OB and suddenly falling off the track because of the height. 2nd is the that the landing spot will most likely be on a no-gates part of the track (Though in a way that can be better since you don't have to worry about hitting the wall at high speed here.) This can be done on lap 1.

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