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Michael Fried is a Mario Kart player who competes on all six sites, and is the former champion on The Combined Mario Kart Rankings. Since joining in 2003, he has made various contributions to the Mario Kart community (listed below). He is one of the most active posters on the Mario Kart forum, and also participates in the IRC channel. Michael has gained a reputation as a very trustworthy and helpful karter by posted hundreds of proof videos and giving strategy advice. He is also well-known for hosting a large collection of videos for Mario Kart, F-Zero, and other games on wrvids.com.

Site Contributions

Michael has worked on several Kart-related projects:

Mario Kart 64

Michael joined the MK64 site in April 2003. It was the first Mario Kart game that Michael competed in, and the game he is best at (in his opinion). In 2005 he drove the Yoshi Valley non-shortcut fastlap world record of 26.18 (still standing). He was also the first person to land the Rainbow Road spiral shortcut on 3/3 laps, and his first 3/3 was with Bowser. In late 2005, he peaked at #5 non-shortcut and #9 shortcut, and is still ranked highly in both.

Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

Michael joined the MKDD site a few weeks after the game's release. He peaked at #5, and at one time held the Mushroom City world records. Since then, he has fallen out of the top 100, and it is currently his lowest-ranked Mario Kart game.

Super Mario Kart

Although SMK was the first Mario Kart game that Michael played, he did not join the SMK site until September 2005. A few months later he took a break from SMK, and then returned in 2007. In early 2008, he peaked at #20 NBT (NTSC) and #14 non-NBT (NTSC). He currently holds all 10 trick fastlap NTSC world records (not including MC2 Infinite Boost).

Mario Kart DS

Michael joined the MKDS site shortly after the game's release, immediately becoming world champion and completely dominating time trial mode for the first few months, at one time holding all 64 world records simultaneously. He held the title for 99 days, until losing it to Miguel Rodriguez. A few months later he regained the title for 2 weeks before losing it to Thomas Bolton. He eventually retired and has fallen out of the top 50. Michael also competed in Non-MT and in mission mode, where he used to hold many world records. He played wifi occasionally, but his wifi skills were not as good as his time trial skills. He created the MKDS Wifi Ratings site as well as the Time Trial Pwnage clan (both are no longer active). He also created the MKDS non-PRB standards.

Mario Kart Super Circuit

Michael joined the MKSC site in August 2006, shortly after MKSC was added to the combined MK rankings, and regained the #1 spot that he briefly lost to Sami Cetin. In mid 2007, he peaked at #5. He used to hold several world records but has lost all of them. He has not yet modified his GBA SP, so he might return to MKSC someday to try out ZZMTing.

Mario Kart Wii

Michael joined the site shortly after the North American release. He started out behind but eventually caught up with Europe. He reached the #1 spot in July 2008, held it for 3 days, lost it briefly, and held it for another 21 days before losing it again.

Other Hobbies

Outside of Mario Kart, Michael's favorite video game series is The Legend of Zelda (his favorite is A Link to the Past). He also enjoys the Super Mario series and the Donkey Kong Country series, among others. In Donkey Kong Country he holds the Rambi bonus game world record (906), and in Donkey Kong Country 3 he used to hold the Riverside Race world record (53.20).

Outside of gaming, Michael enjoys watching movies. You can see a list of his favorite movies on his iCheckMovies profile.

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