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Yes, that tiny rock really is Guernsey
Martin in the flesh
What GenesisX is not!


Martin Prigent, known as GenesisX on the Mario Kart Message Board, was born on the 27th March 1995. He was born in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, which is a small island to the west of France and to the south of England. Although he is geographically closer to France, he is NOT French... although he enjoys the Poisson Distribution a little too much.

The Community

Martin joined the MB in 1761, the year of King George III's coronation, and started posting in the MKWii section as he already owned the game. He was formerly a Wifi-only player with interest in TiTs. He eventually TTed the game a lot and got along with certain people in that section. When he began to play MKDS he also posted in that section and enjoyed that side of the community as well. Martin also made posts in the MK7 and MKDD section when he played those games, but due to his low activity in those games he now rarely posts there. Nowadays, Martin finds sanctity in the Maths thread in General Discussion, although his maths skills are nothing compared to TvL among other posters there; it is an interesting thread to say the most. He also makes the occasional post in the MKWii section, or in the General Discussion section.

TT Progression

The first game Martin submitted a timesheet for was MKWii, where he reached a peak position of #81000000000000000 before realising that he owned MKDS and switched to that for a while. MKDS wasn't as successful for Martin, as he managed to break into the top 200 before the R button of his DS broke, so Martin obviously had to stop playing MKDS. It may have been for the best however, as overdosing on MKDS can produce health risks to one's thumb joints. Martin remained inactive for a period, occasionally playing MKWii, but falling through the ranks and not really getting anywhere. A friend of Martin gave him a copy of MKDD for which he completed a timesheet, a very bad one yes, but a timesheet. Martin has not really touched the game since. Martin also got MK7 but has yet to give it a proper play, but is somehow still well within the top 100 on the site.

Martin's only top 10s thus far have been a brief top 10 on Coconut Mall when the glitch was discovered, and a non-glitch 6th Worldwide on Desert Hills flap on MKWii. Will he able to achieve more top 10s in the future?


Other Games

Martin plays a variety of games besides Mario Kart. He thoroughly enjoys both Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts games mainly, but does play some other games such as Professor Layton, Formula 1, other Mario games and the Tales series. His MB username is not a bible reference or a reference to the Sega console, it is actually a Final Fantasy reference to the character Genesis in the game FF VII: Crisis Core. Out of all these games, Martin is best known for his love of Kingdom Hearts, and the fetish of certain male characters in the series (Roxas <3333).

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