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This article is about the weapon from Perfect Dark.

The Magsec 4 is a common weapon on only one level, Area 51: Infiltration. It is a bulky, inaccurate pistol with a 9-round magazine, a slight zoom capability, and a strange high-pitched report. Like the Falcon 2, the Magsec has no upper limit to its fire rate. The secondary mode is a rapid three-round burst.

Bronze Strategy

The target time for this strategy is 6.22s. the WR is 5.94s

Start ducked down to the 2nd (lowest) crouch level off to the right of the computer, against the counter. Zoom in and use a three round burst to hit 3 quick bullseyes before the target turns. Quickly reload the gun while switching to primary fire. Try to get your gun reloaded before the target turns around, and then unload on the middle of the target (without zooming) untill the target is gone. Reload immediately when the target disappears and you should be reloaded before the new target turns around. Finish your clip on the target in the same manner to finish the trial.

Silver Strategy

Strat here.

Gold Strategy

Strat here.

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