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Leyla Hasso, PAL Version Women's World Champion of Super Mario Kart


Leyla Hasso is a female Super Mario Kart (SMK) (SNES) player from London, UK and is the niece of Sami Cetin. Leyla is currently the female World Champion of Super Mario Kart on both PAL and NTSC modes plus on the Multiplayer World Championship results; she is also ranked the 5th fastest player in the UK. Whilst an active player of SMK she also briefly played MKDS until receiving a Wii for her 9th Birthday in 2008. She was historically known for defeating top MKDD player Vincent van der Fluit in a SMK Grand Prix 150cc Mushroom Cup tournament for karters around their skill level in 2007. Videos of those races are available on youtube and have also been created into a DVD. Her latest Time Trial videos are also uploaded on her youtube channel on a regular basis. Leyla Hasso has been featured in the Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition 2013 for her Women's World Title on Super Mario Kart SNES and also on page 216 of the the Guinness World Records 2014 main book.

Sami Cetin with Leyla Hasso, aged 5 months in November 1999

Her first years

Leyla Hasso was born in May 1999 as the first daughter of Ayla Hasso (née Cetin) and Karim Hasso. When she was 1 day old, her Uncle Sami Cetin was asked to tell her all about his SMK World Records at the time, and that one day when she grew older he could teach her how to play. At the time this seemed far fetched but as they say, no one knows what the future may bring. She initially didn't play any games except for a few applications on the PC (e.g. Baby Type) with her Uncle Sami Cetin. The PC usage included once assisting Sami with an SMK Time Trial site update in November 1999 when she was just five months old. Suffice to say she wasn't able to type too well at the time but she was an excellent assistant for her age.

Leyla took a keen interest in books and drawing from a young age plus watching cartoons including classics from the 80s / early 90s despite being born much later than this time. Sami, preferring the programmes on from his childhood encouraged her to watch some of the things that he did many years before and perhaps this spurred on the interest in more of the retro classic gaming as opposed to HD / modern Era gaming when she grew up. She thoroughly enjoyed these times and it wasn't long before the two would venture further into another long lasting hobby.

Sami Cetin with Leyla Hasso, in late 2001

Starting out with some games and introduction to Super Mario Kart

When Leyla was 1 year and 10 months old Sami attempted to give her a SNES pad to give Super Mario Kart a try. It wasn't a great success as she only completed a lap of Mario Circuit 1 in 3 minutes and 24 seconds. After she was around 2 - 3 Leyla begun to play a little on some of the old handheld consoles including the original Nintendo Gameboy. and took an interest in games after a few years due to her Uncle Sami Cetin and his SMK activity. She then played with the Nintendo Game Boy Advance on some basic platform games and a few Disney titles. This begun developing her hand eye coordination skills on platform games, which become useful when she would try some of the more difficult ones later on. When Leyla was 3 he gave her a quick go again on Super Mario Kart SNES and she was able to drive a little better this time but only on a few tracks. They ceased to play this further while Sami left for University, but Leyla vaguely remembered this interesting game for later.

After Leyla turned 5, Sami was visiting back one summer from University. Leyla then asked if Sami remembered that game they once played "Super Mario Cartoon" a long time ago. Sami at first didn't realise what she meant, but then clocked on that it was infact Super Mario Kart and corrected her on this. Keen to give her a try they played together for a little while and she was able to drive cleaner with Toad this time. During that summer, Sami decided to get her her own SNES with Super Mario Kart and Super Mario All Stars. Although she didn't play it often due to the complexity of the setup on the old televisions, she enjoyed having her own copy and probably played a bit more of the platformers than SMK at the time. Shortly after putting together a full timeset on Super Mario Kart. she then officially joined the Super Mario Kart Time Trial World Records Site in Summer of 2004 while still 5 years old. Her initial competitor on Time Trials was Tanja Huber of Germany who turned 6 and presented a good challenge as they both started out on the site. Leyla overtook her on Time Trials and passed a few more karters till she stopped playing for a while.

Leyla Hasso, entering multiplayer competition on Super Mario Kart (2006)

Leyla Hasso vs Louise Bedford on SMK Match Race

On the 29th April 2006 Leyla attended a UK Meet held by Sami Cetin. A mini beginners SMK Tournament was set up and Leyla entered using Toad. Her big moment came when she raced UK rival Louise Bedford. The Race on Mario Circuit 2 was intense.

Leyla started off poorly with a missed zoom start and then struggled to keep the pace going as she continuously went off the road and clipped pipes on the opening laps. Louise drove safe and took the lead; also throwing a red shell back in the open that hit Leyla pushing her further behind. Leyla continued to drive on lap 3 picking up the pace a bit and gaining a red shell. A green shell was approaching at the start of lap 4 and she fired the red shell which arc'ed into its path and killed it off. Leyla then reached top speed at the end of lap 4 and was on pursuit. With some fantastic cornering she picked up a star but didn't use it yet. Louise had an accident where the enemies were underneath the flyover jump and Leyla overtook. She activated the star before the jump and managed to defeat Louise on this final lap. She then stopped playing SMK for the remainder of 2006.

Comeback to SMK in 2007 with Bowser

During 2007 Leyla returned to SMK trying out Bowser on certain tracks (mainly Mushroom Cup) to make some faster times, she became the fastest female SMK player in London and 2nd fastest in the UK. She switched to Toad on a few tracks, then one day after several attempts she managed to drive a Women's British record on the fastlap of Choco Island 2 with Toad, beating the time of Sue Cladingboel by a few hundredths. One of her proudest achievements was reaching 1'03" on Mario Circuit 1 Time Trial, close to the record of her father Karim. Leyla also played a lot of the Grand Prix mode also and developed good skills there, mainly just 150cc Mushroom Cup.

Leyla Hasso joining Team UK, prepares for her SMK Tournament final, October 2007

Leyla Hasso vs Vincent van der Fluit

A Tournament was organised on the 25th Birthday of Leyla's Uncle Sami Cetin in October 2007. This included karters of the Intermediates to Beginners on SMK. Leyla joined 'Team UK' (as established by Jonathan Sifleet) in the tournament and wore her own t-shirt with 'London Women's Champion' for Super Mario Kart written on the back. This was probably Leyla's most famous break on SMK and videogaming in general. 8 players entered the Tournament which would be set on 150cc Grand Prix mode of Mushroom Cup. The battles were fantastic, Leyla had an early match vs Lindsay Molenaar of the Netherlands who visited also. Leyla advanced to the later rounds. Vincent van der Fluit defeated the remainder of strong UK players including John Barber, placing Leyla and Vincent in the final. The races have been taped and are available on youtube and on DVD. Prior to the races, a 3 part Intro Video was created to detail Leyla's rise to fame from her first day until the start of the Tournament on SMK ((Intro 1), (Intro 2), (Intro 3).

Leyla selected Bowser and Vincent selected D.K.Jr, the races then started. Here was a breakdown of each race of the final along with their associated video links:

The race begun and Leyla as Bowser got off to a bad start, with Vincent getting a boost start and taking the lead while Leyla made a few minor mistakes. The first part of lap 4 was on error on Leyla's part as she took a risk to overtake Vincent when he had the red shell. He fired and unfortunately she was knocked off the road. The crowd let out a sigh of disappointment as this could have cost her the race. She continued to pursue, approaching Koopa Troopa (CPU) with a well timed Green shell that caused her to overcorrect her turn at the start of lap 5. It didn't look possible for Leyla to win this race, however Vincent ahead had a Mushroom thrown in front by the CPU Toad that shrunk him. The CPU Toad went ahead to win the race as Vincent struggled as Mini D.K.Jr. He did however pick up a Mushroom. Leyla was speeding through 3rd place desperately trying to catch up, the crowd starting cheering as she also collected a Mushroom. Vincent used his to cut across the dirt on the 2nd to last corner. Leyla's top speed was helping her catch up, Vincent approached the last corner but his speed failed him, Leyla cut in and shroomed to the finish line ahead of Vincent as the audience let out a loud cheer.

The second race Leyla realised the overall battle wasn't going to be easy, she managed to land a well timed boost start, this time with Vincent stuck at the line. She zoomed off at high speed and pretty much dominated the race. As Leyla reached the 5th lap she could see Vincent ahead and was set to lap him, however he received a Lightning from the Item Boxes, using it immediately to shrink Leyla and the other CPU racers. However Leyla had built too much of a lead. Her Bowser grew to full size and she approached the last corner to almost lap Vincent as he approached his final lap, but as her top speed was not so great, she got caught on the last corner wall, winning the race a few moments later.

Leyla and Vincent both got off to a bad start at the beginning of lap 3, but Vincent was determined to keep up the pace on this track, having recently made a faster Time Trial Record than Leyla so he was familiar with the racing lines. Vincent took some sharper turns and took the lead in lap 1, with Leyla getting stuck at the back towards the end. Leyla received a Mushroom in lap 2 and Vincent a feather. Leyla opted to do the Mushroom to bumper jump but decided not to go for the platform as it may risk her position, so she took an interesting turn to the right to land in the open space, cutting off less time but keeping the speed up. Vincent skillfully jumped the gap to the platform with the feather and cornered to the finish line to meet Leyla equally at the line again; the battle would continue into lap 3. Leyla pushed ahead into 1st place with the Top speed and some sharper cornering. Vincent also made it into 2nd and continued to pursue Leyla only a few seconds behind. Leyla played defensively leaving behind a Green shell and later a banana, then as Vincent passed the items on lap 5 he hit a wall causing him to lose some speed, but remain in 2nd for the moment. However he hit another wall and fell into 3rd as Leyla sped ahead to win the race. Vincent had an accident on the following corner where he hit a block then fell off into the hole costing him the race.

At the start of Bowser Castle 1, Vincent put on a good show raising his pad to help him time his boost start which he managed to reach, however Leyla failed hers. However with accurate cornering and meeting both zippers, Leyla quickly advanced into 2nd place shortly behind Vincent in the lead. Leyla then overtook Vincent at the start of lap 2, overpowering with Top Speed. Vincent fired his green shell too attack and Leyla had to make evasive maneuvers causing her to crash on corner 2, with Vincent taking 1st place lead once again. Vincent then had a crash at the end of lap 2, firing another Green shell as Leyla passed him, narrowly missing a hit and Leyla took the lead on lap 3 with the CPU catching up with Vincent. Vincent caught back up to 2nd place as Leyla made a sharp corner on the last turn, riding the left wall without touching it. Vincent had an error on the jumps and fell into the lava once as Leyla continued to speed ahead towards the 5th and final lap. Vincent used a feather to save him from a crash on the final corner of his lap 4. Leyla's top speed was excessive at this stage and she was lapping a CPU while avoiding a stray Yoshi Egg on the track at the hairpin. Vincent picked up a lot more speed to stay ahead of the CPU in 2nd while Leyla reached the finish, winning the race.

Leyla Hasso winning her Tournament Final in Super Mario Kart vs Vincent van der Fluit

Leyla got a zoom start on Mario Circuit 2 and went for it cutting corners very sharp to gain a huge lead. Vincent got off to a bad start in 8th place throughout lap 1 while Leyla stormed into lap 2. However Leyla over corrected and hit a pipe after the first corner putting her speed to a complete stop. She began to drive again after. Vincent picked up a star making it into 7th place but some controlling difficulties led him off the road into the green after the jump, with Leyla picking up speed once again and lapping him at the end of lap 3. Leyla picked up a Mushroom on lap 4, and was speeding round the track again, however a well placed green on the previous lap was in the way and she crashed into it where the flyover is. On the hairpin corner before the jump as Leyla was accelerating she got caught up a CPU that caused her to turn inwards and be stuck on the corner. Vincent, still a lap behind also made an error crashing into that same corner. Leyla was in 6th place and it was her last lap, 4th for Vincent. The crowd reminded her that she needed to come at least 4th to advance the race, and thus win the tournament. Leyla picked up another Mushroom and when approaching the jump, shroomed and passed the CPU to land 4th and advance the race the same moment as Vincent shroomed to land next to her on the finish line.

Retirement from SMK to play MKDS and MKWii

Following some more PRs in 2007, Leyla stopped SMK as she got a Nintendo DS and begun competing in races on Mario Kart DS (MKDS), however she still played a little SMK from time to time and has shown interest in a comeback some day but she did not at the time confirm a date when this would happen. She has been since playing other casual games on the Wii, DS and PC.

Leyla Hasso Interviewed by Nintendo

In December 2008, Leyla had the opportunity to be interviewed by Nintendo for the Nintendo Wii Channel where she was featured at a similar time as the interview of her uncle Sami Cetin took place. The interview highlighted her success as a young gamer; reaching #1 on the Women's ranking in London and #2 in the UK on SMK and how participating in an international tournament went. The video was featured on the Nintendo Wii Channel in early 2009 and remained there for most of the year. (Watch her Interview Video with Nintendo)

Super Mario Kart Foundation Match Race Mini Tournament October 2009

Despite a long retirement and almost no practice, Leyla made a small comeback to SMK to attend a small Tournament with UK and European karters on a Foundation level on Match Race. Two leagues were constructed and Leyla had to face off on a few races vs each player in her group. This included her first French rival Claire Leviach, the wife of Guillaume (one of the fastest Super Mario Kart players in the World). Leyla made quick work of the match and later defeated all in her group except for one 1-1 tie. She was however able to net the top seed in the group for the bracket stage.

She passed the Quarter Finals with ease to meet Andrew Redman in the Semi-Final who was the 2nd fastest player there on Time Trial ability. The racing was very fierce, but Leyla landed with a close 4-3 win and should have expected a slightly easier final. On the other side of the bracket Biff had advanced past Lindsay which came as a surprise. The final between Leyla and Biff took place. Leyla was comfortably advancing by outdriving Biff with top speed. However 3 lightnings acquired by Biff cost Leyla some races and she ended up in a 5-4 loss to her UK team mate. This was the typical style of SMK with weaponry randomness, however both competitiors did well landing ahead of the foreign competitors and Leyla acquired a Silver medal which was a great achievement on a short notice comeback.

Leyla Hasso ready to enter the UK SMK Championships

Super Mario Kart UK Championships 2010 & 2011

Leyla participated in the one time only UK Championships for Super Mario Kart. On 2nd October 2010 there was a huge event in Fairfield Halls, Croydon South London which had 28 competitors from all over the UK, even as far as Scotland. Leyla placed 16th overall in this event with the Time Trial one try mode being her strongest placing at 14th. The 2011 Championship was a much smaller event held at her Uncle Sami Cetin's; it consisted of a focus group of 10 players only, a blend of Champion level UK players, intermediate and casual level. Leyla placed in 6th Place overall at this event. She has expressed interest at attending a World Championship in future although she has limited experience in all areas of mutliplayer modes in SMK.

Mario Circuit 1 sub 1'03" project in 2011

Leyla returned to Time Trial in February 2011 to finish some unfinished business on Mario Circuit 1 Time Trial which was to reach a Non-NBT 1'02" time. After a tough session she was able to land a (1'02"98 course time) <- Vid link.

2012 Time Trial Return and Rise to the Women's World Title on PAL

Another comeback in 2012 led Leyla to improve more of her weaker records in Time Trial. Eventually she managed to reach her first Women's World Record on 7th January 2012 on Choco Island 1 lap with 0'12"78 <- Vid link. This has since been improved further.

Following this she continued to play between January to March working through all the weaker tracks and learning new strategies including platform jumps on Ghost Valley 1 and 3, and pushing some fast times on tougher tracks. She has hit many Women's World Records. On 11th March 2012 Leyla Hasso has passed Sue Cladingboel to become the UK's Fastest Female Super Mario Kart player and ranked 2nd in the World on PAL. One week later Leyla drove some more great times and passed Tanja Bronnecke (Germany) to become the fastest Female Super Mario Kart Player in the World for PAL version.

Leyla Hasso with her Team UK at the SMK World Championship 2012

Super Mario Kart World Championship 2012, France

Leyla Hasso made her debut at the Super Mario Kart World Championships in France in 2012. Her attendance was a surprise to many and she would enter the competition as Female World Champion for the first time. She joined her uncle Sami Cetin and six other Top members of Team UK for the Tournament and was up against 50+ of the best Super Mario Kart competitors from 8 countries around the World.

She placed 32nd overall which was a pleasing result considering limite experience in Match Race and some of the other modes. She did however place well in the Time Trial one tries and Battle Mode, up at 27th. Leyla was also one of few karters at the event who achieved all 20/20 zoom starts during the PAL Time Trial one try event. She has expressed an interest in returning for a future World Championship in SMK.

Match Race Open at the Play Expo 2012, EventCity, Manchester, UK

Leyla Hasso and her Uncle Sami Cetin travelled to Manchester on 13th / 14th October 2012 to attend the Play Expo 2012 event. A section was set up for a Match Race tournament that began with a Time trial one try qualifier; the Top 16 would then advance to the Tournament Bracket. Leyla reached 1st position on the qualifier then made her way through the bracket, losing a couple of races in the Quarter Final and eventually facing Paul Darbyshire, Liverpool's Super Mario Kart Champion, and big SNES enthusiast in the Final, which she won 9-4. Leyla earned a Gold SNES pad for her win and went on to drive four Women's World Record improvements live at the event the next day.

Leyla's Match Race Final vs Paul Darbyshire (Video)

NintendoLife article and reaches 40/40 PAL Women's World Records

On the weekend of 20th / 21st October 2012, Leyla worked on Mario Circuit 1 and finally breaks the 12 year long standing Women's World Records set by retired Sue Cladingboel (also a native UK karter). Leyla then proceeded with the final track Choco Island 2 and passed the 40th PAL World Record there previously set by the Female SMK Champion of France, Lola Zappara, which was also set some 10 years back or more. Not only did she dominate the list of records but she also climbed to her highest PAL World Rank yet (within the Top 100), 93rd!

Also the same weekend, the team over at NintendoLife who do articles and various Nintendo related news globally, kindly put together a summary on her achievements in Super Mario Kart and collection of videos:

See the NintendoLife Article on Leyla Hasso

Super Mario Kart NTSC debut and Double Women's World Title

Leyla made her debut on NTSC Time Trials in Autumn 2012 and within a short period of time put together a solid Non-NBT time set to land within the Top 75 on NTSC. She stopped it after that to return back to PAL. Her rank on NTSC got her ahead of the Female Japanese Champion, Yukiko Takada to become the NTSC and PAL Women's World Champion of SMK as of November 2012.

Leyla Hasso in the Guinness Book of Records Gamer's Edition 2013

Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition 2013

Following her uncle Sami's entry in the Guinness World Record books the previous year, Leyla had the opportunity for an entry into the 2013 Gamer's Edition book for holding more Super Mario Kart World Records for a female gamer than any other. A photoshoot was done in 2012 and this has been included into the book with Leyla wearing a Luigi hat (the L also conveniently standing for her name).

Games Expo East Kent 2013 Match Race Challenge and Vanilla Lake 2 Women's World Record

Leyla attended the Games Expo East Kent 2013 event in Margate, UK with her uncle Sami on Saturday 23rd February to volunteer for running a Super Mario Kart Tournament for the visitors. There were 73 entries and the winner of the first final was Dave Kingston, an old friend of Sami's who visited for the day from South London. A special exhibition match was set up between Dave and Leyla Hasso with most of the venue spectating. Dave, a Battle Mode Specialist put up a good match winning a couple of races and coming close on a few more. The final result was 10-2 to Leyla; Leyla Hasso vs Dave Kingston Match Race Video

Later in the day, Leyla had her sights on setting a new Time Trial Women's World Record on a very liked track, Vanilla Lake 2. She got more than she bargained for in the end, after landing a consistent race to finish at 53.31 seconds, which is also the 2nd fastest time in the UK after her Uncle Sami's record: Leyla Hasso Vanilla Lake 2 5-lap 53.31 seconds Video

Revival 2013 Retro Video Games Event and Vanilla Lake 2 NTSC Women's World Record

Another Retro event in the UK was attended by Leyla and Sami, on Saturday 18th May 2013. Revival 2013 was a great set up with focus on retro gaming only. Leyla and Sami ran a tournament for the casual players and at the end for an exhibition round the winner of the 40 person tournament got to have a Match Race round vs Leyla. Leyla also done some record demonstrations as a display for the visitors and was available for Q&A regarding Super Mario Kart Time Trials and Multiplayer World Championships.

Not long after, Leyla decided to try one of her favorite tracks, Vanilla Lake 2 but on the NTSC side to finish the job at top speed. She eventually hit a fantastic time of 50.72 seconds on Vanilla Lake 2 NTSC marking her 2nd UK #2 time so far. Even greater maybe was becoming the first Female player in the World to break the 10 second barrier on a lap record in Super Mario Kart with 9.85 seconds at Vanilla Lake 2 NTSC. Questions arose if she will make a full return to NTSC to defend her Women's World Title from the soon approaching UK team rival, Anna Moon. The potentials will be strong considering her PAL results this year and these marks hit in May 2013 in particular.

Top 50 in the World on PAL Time Trial

Leyla jumped back to PAL Time Trials on 26th May 2013 to work on two tough tracks Bowser Castle 3 and Mario Circuit 4 and made some good improvements there. Her other favorite course however Ghost Valley 3 reached a very nice barrier; Ghost Valley 3 1'16"89 time. These records helped her to scrape the Top 50 of the PAL Time Trial World Rankings for the first time and land at 7th in the UK! This has been achieved without use of any NBT strategies.

Super Mario Kart World Championship 2013

Leyla Hasso attended the Super Mario Kart World Championship 2013 at La Suze-sur-Sarthe, near Le Mans, France between 20th - 25th August 2013 along with her Uncle Sami Cetin and the rest of Team UK. This was Leyla's 2nd Championship and following a year of hard Time Trialing and some multiplayer practice she was sure to improve greatly on the overall results. Leyla placed 16th Overall which was a 17 rank climb on the previous year!

Time Trial was Leyla's strong mode again, and a little struggle happened in the group stages, however she picked up the pace in the 2nd half with some great one tries. Following the results she placed in 12th on this mode, and 3rd out of the UK team.

150cc Grand Prix she had prepared for less, but some good driving helped her to reach the borderline for qualification into the Top 16. She had to face off vs Takashi Ogasawara of Japan to decide who goes through, and this was on Mushroom Cup 150cc, which Leyla comfortably win after getting a good lead from Ghost Valley 1 onwards. Leyla Hasso vs Takashi Ogasawara 150cc Grand Prix video

As per the rest of Team UK, she put in a good show on Battle Mode, which is a weaker mode but utilised the best skills available to be 22nd here.

Match Race mode was tough on the groups, but following a good driving procedure and item use, Leyla entered the barrage face off match again, this time vs Samuel Gomez. She won this in style even getting a classic "UK Lightning" at the end on Ghost Valley 1 to officially reach the Top 16 there. Leyla Hasso vs Samuel Gomez Match Race Video

Leyla Hasso was officially named the female World Champion of all SMK Multiplayer competition now as well as Time Trial and she was the first female in history to not land just one, but the Top 16 in three of the modes at the World Championship.

On the final day she decided to go for a live World Record attempt on Vanilla Lake 2 PAL again, but this time in the 52 seconds region. You can view the live stream video of her 52.53 Women's World Record time that is also her first Top 15 time in the World.

Guinness Book of World Records 2014

An article about Leyla's Super Mario Kart achievements was also included in the Guinness Book of World Records 2014 released in September 2013. Page 216 - 217 contained some of the records set by the gamers featured in the Gamer's Edition 2013 as per Leyla. It displayed the results of their records based on the previous year.

Mario Kart 8 Promotions for Nintendo UK at EGX

With the release of Mario Kart 8 due on the Nintendo Wii U in 2014, Leyla has also partaken in some interviews along with her uncle Sami Cetin, filmed by Nintendo UK. This was also a good promotion of the upcoming new release and they were asked to have a demonstration of the game. This had taken place at EGX in London in late 2013 and the video was prepared for March 2014: Leyla Hasso and Sami Cetin try out Mario Kart 8

Super Mario Kart World Championship 2014

Leyla Hasso attended the Super Mario Kart World Championship 2014 at La Suze-sur-Sarthe, near Le Mans, France again between 12th - 17th August 2014 along with her Uncle Sami Cetin and the rest of Team UK. This was Leyla's 3rd Championship and she came armed with some NBT on basic tracks and improved tactics on the Multiplayer Modes.

Leyla made an awesome run on the Time Trial Mode running her most consistent one try set ever and 20/20 zoom starts. Her best hit was a 54 second one try on Vanilla Lake 2! She landed 9th there, marking her first single digit rank. She narrowly missed out on anopportunity to reach the Quarter Finals there with another VL2 run. However her potential shows she can go very far here in future years. Match Race also went exceptionally well where she managed to tie many big rivals who are faster drivers and get some win points on key contenders. She also placed 9th for a second time running with a Top 16 exit in the bracket. Leyla is therefore now a high Top 16 level player on Match Race which was a big improvement over the previous year. Leyla also reached UK #2 on Time Trial one tries and Match Race for 2014.

Battle Mode wasn't Leyla's strongest though she came with an array of new maneuvers. She gained more wins and draws than previous years and reached 17th place, a new height but missing out on the Top 16 by 1 point to her team member Chris Clark who qualified. 150cc Grand Prix she has trained less on but managed to reach 14th overall there which was a solid qualifying rank. She also fell short by a few points on some cups to Top contenders. Leyla has now reached 13th overall at the SMK World Championship 2014, 3rd in the UK and retains all Women's titles on all of the Multiplayer modes vs new challenger Sophie Jarmouni of Belgium who attended this edition.

Guinness Book of World Records 2015

Leyla Hasso's achievements in Super Mario Kart were again included in the 2015 edition of the Guinness World Records Book released in September 2014. Along with her uncle Sami Cetin, they appeared on the Video Games page and Leyla had a small fact box with her record achievement included.

Leyla Hasso's PAL Super Mario Kart Time Trial Videos

PAL New Boosting Technique (PAL NBT Times):

PAL Non-New Boosting Technique (PAL Non-NBT Times):

Leyla Hasso's NTSC Super Mario Kart Time Trial Videos

NTSC Non-New Boosting Technique (NTSC Non-NBT Times):

Leyla Hasso's Multiplayer Tournament Achievements

Year Where Tournament Game or Mode Rank Notes
2014 UK.JPG Play Expo 2014 Super Mario Kart SNES Manchester Open PAL Match Race 1st 10-1 win vs Robert Ward (Manchester)
2014 UK.JPG EGX 2014 Super Mario Kart SNES Exhibition Match PAL Match Race 1st 19-1 win vs Stacy Needham (Oxfordshire)
2014 UK.JPG EGX 2014 Super Mario Kart SNES EGX Tournament PAL Match Race Grand Final 1st 10-1 win vs Chris Castledine (London)
2014 France.JPG Super Mario Kart SNES World Championships 2014 Overall Result of 4 modes 13th Out of 43 Worldwide competitors
2014 UK.JPG Games Expo East Kent 2014 Super Mario Kart SNES Exhibition Match PAL Match Race 1st 20-0 win vs Josh Wickenden (Margate)
2014 UK.JPG Games Expo East Kent 2014 Super Mario Kart SNES Exhibition Match PAL Match Race 1st 20-0 win vs Tom Harvey (Margate)
2014 UK.JPG Games Expo East Kent 2014 Super Mario Kart SNES Margate Open PAL Match Race Grand Final 1st 10-0 win vs Adam Mallett (Margate)
2014 UK.JPG Beckenham Super Mario Kart Exhibition Match PAL Match Race 1st 11-9 win vs Conor Wood (London)
2014 UK.JPG Beckenham Super Mario Kart Exhibition Match PAL Battle Mode 2nd 10-2 loss to Conor Wood (London)
2013 UK.JPG Play Expo 2013 Super Mario Kart SNES Exhibition Match PAL Match Race 1st 17-3 win vs Matthew Ward (Birmingham)
2013 UK.JPG Play Expo 2013 Super Mario Kart SNES Manchester Open PAL Match Race Grand Final 1st 10-1 win vs Robert Ward (Manchester)
2013 UK.JPG Eurogamer Expo 2013 Super Mario Kart SNES Tournament NTSC Match Race Grand Final 1st 10-1 win vs Andrew Pugh (London)
2013 France.JPG Super Mario Kart SNES World Championships 2013 Overall Result of 4 modes 16th Out of 35 Worldwide competitors
2013 UK.JPG London Anime Con 2013 Super Mario Kart SNES Tournament PAL Match Race Grand Final 1st 7-0 win vs Ian Wall (London)
2013 UK.JPG Revival 2013 Super Mario Kart SNES Wolverhampton Open PAL Match Race Grand Final 1st 10-0 win vs Spencer Guest (Wolverhampton)
2013 UK.JPG SMK Tower Meet Super Mario Kart Exhibition Match PAL Match Race 2nd 12-8 loss to Conor Wood (London)
2013 UK.JPG SMK Tower Meet Super Mario Kart Exhibition Match PAL Match Race 2nd 11-9 loss to Ben Allen (London)
2013 UK.JPG Games Expo East Kent 2013 Super Mario Kart SNES Margate Open PAL Match Race Grand Final 1st 10-2 win vs Dave Kingston (London)
2012 UK.JPG SMK Tower Meet Super Mario Kart Exhibition Match PAL Match Race Draw 10-10 draw to David Moll (London)
2012 UK.JPG Play Expo 2012 Super Mario Kart SNES Manchester Open PAL Match Race Grand Final 1st 9-4 win vs Paul Darbyshire (Liverpool)
2012 France.JPG Super Mario Kart SNES World Championships 2012 Overall Result of 4 modes 33rd Out of 51 Worldwide competitors
2011 UK.JPG Super Mario Kart SNES UK Championships 2011 Overall Result of 4 modes 6th Out of 9 UK competitors
2010 UK.JPG Super Mario Kart SNES UK Championships 2010 Overall Result of 4 modes 16th Out of 28 UK competitors
2009 UK.JPG SMK Tower European Intermediates Tournament PAL Match Race 2nd 5-4 Loss to Jonathan Sifleet in Final
2007 UK.JPG Super Mario Kart European Intermediates (Fairfield Halls, Croydon) PAL 150cc GP 1st 5-0 win vs Vincent van der Fluit in Final
2006 UK.JPG SMK Tower Casuals Match Race Exhibition PAL Match Race 1st Win vs Louise Bedford
2005 UK.JPG SMK Tower Casuals 150cc Grand Prix Exhibition NTSC 150cc GP 1st 4-1 win vs Michael Pilkington


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Tapani | Benny
Lokken | TB1
Ostro | Langerak
Luca | Huber
Sky Garden (J)
Bhoja | Gregor
Clark | STanney
Stevie | GAS
Holmiere | Finn
Peach Gardens (N)
Holy Moly | Barnard
Billingsley | ALAKTORN
BPA | Rudmarker
Weatherton | Habben

Riverside Park (C)
Leare | Smith
Liem | Dufault
Steel | Engelsman
Karlo | Pacino
Waluigi Pinball (G)
Vince | Welch
Hasso | chili
Needham | Laflamme
PYL | Fried
Koopa Beach (K)
Stelzig | Michorius
Kles | KVD
Honko | Pobre
Shelbourne | LPS
Moo Moo Breadows (O)
Rub | Flemmer
Schiering | Jongerius
NeoSMK | Cole
Sword | Boudreau

Kalimari Desert (D)
Dunkel | Darius
Pulsar | Whalls
Miller | White
Kmacc | TvL
Ghost Valley (H)
Ord | P@UL
Miss April | Marques
Happy | Borne
Gaffikin | Runnelid
Bowser Castle (L)
den Dulk | SEB
Bernier | Maaatthew
Math | Etch
Layne | Wonn
Rainbow Road (P)
Karlsson | Thingy
di Vano | Stoneman
Pabst | Sascha
Cooper | Oliver