Kuru Kuru Kururin Terminology

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General Tactics used to get the fastest times on Kuru Kuru Kururin.

A, B, A+B

Holding A+B allows you to move at 2x the normal speed of the stick, so you should be holding them both down for a lot of the time. If there is a corner in the level that requires the stick to be pointing in a specific direction to get around, there is no point in racing to it really fast and then stopping still to wait. You might as well take it nice and slow.

Safe Areas

Start Area - On some of the challenge levels you may find that the stick seems to be timed badly with some of the moving obsticles. Knocking your stick into the wall while you are still in the start area delays its rotation and may allow you to find a better timing. Also getting a little knock on the wall as you leave the start area can give a few hundredths of a second boost. This is especially useful on Easy Training 2. Don't leave the start area until you are sure the stick is at the best possible angle and position. The timer won't start until you leave.

Heart Zones - Similar to the Start Areas except you don't have the luxury of waiting around. Pushing the stick against the wall as you pass can mean you have to wait less for the stick to rotate for the next corner. Clipping the wall can again give you a small speed boost provided you are rotating the right way. Again especially useful on Easy Training 2.