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Kartina is a place where karters from all over the world can unite to play any form of karting game. It is mostly ruled by the Kart God, but sometimes lesser civillians are given the oppertunity to patrol the streets.

Some major events in the towns history include:

  • Dutch PR Smash Virus
  • Marty the Thwomp
  • Susan the leprechaun/cross-dressing karter
  • And many more that most newbies wouldn't know about.

Marty the Thwomp debuted in Mario Kart 64 Bowsers Castle and calls for him to be a playable character were huge. He is green in colour, making him the rarest Thwomp to ever exist. He enjoyed the popularity so much, he featured in the Mario Kart Wii remake of the 64 Bowsers Castle. He is still popular today.