Kart Gods

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Not to be confused with "Gods," people who have achieved the God standard on every track in a particular Mario Kart game.

The Kart Gods are mythological all-powerful beings who have control over every aspect of Mario Kart. Although there are no confirmed believers, people sometimes joke about them on the forum. It is rumored that if you pray to them, they allow you to PR more quickly. It is also rumored that if you do immoral things (e.g. cheating, using bad strats, or not taking kart seriously enough), they send you to Kart Hell where you are forced to play Moo Moo Farm 24/7. There is also a "BLS God" who supposedly helped Sascha to drive his BLS world records in Mario Kart DS.

The concept of a Mario Kart religion comes from Jason Whalls' joke project, "The Kart 64 Bible." However, most of the Kart God rumors were started by other people, and it is unknown who invented the term "Kart Gods."