Hill Top Zone Act 1

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Hill Top Zone Act 1 is the first Act of the fifth Zone in the 16-bit version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2.



World record: 0:44 by eredani

To start, do a one-tap spindash and quickly jump over the small ramp, then drop onto the platform below. Do a full spindash off this platform, then ramp jump over the lava pit. Land on the left side of the seesaw with another jump, then jump up to the next platform without waiting for the red ball to fall. Jump over the rock, then over the spikes and lava pit. Spindash before going down the tube.

As you emerge, begin holding left as you go off the ramp here. Your aim is to go in between the two platforms, with enough height to hit the one on the right. From here, jump to land on the platform in the middle of the lava pit, and again to get out. Let the two seesaws take you upwards, then hit the spring and land on the blue platform. Before this platform reaches the end of it's run, you need to drop into the lava and take a hit. Then stand where the platform is about to fall.

The platform just took you with it! Now hold left a little, and due to a quirk in the game's collision handling, you'll be flung to the right. You'll end up near the red springs at the bottom of the level. Spring up to the next platform and you go into the earthquake area.

Wait for the path to open up just enough for you, then bounce on the rock, up to the next platform, quickly stop and spindash. You'll hit the lava, but this isn't bad. Quickly charge another spindash and get out before the lava blocks you from escaping and, likely, kills you. Now enter the tube, and let the ramp shoot you upwards, on top of a loop. Stand next to the 10 ring box, spindash off and finish.

Record video: 0:45 by mike89


World record: 0:38 by Aitamen

Charge a full spindash and ramp jump up into nothingness. Glide at the peak of your jump. You should land at about the height of a rock. Try and land on it and quickly jump off it. As with Sonic's strat, spindash through the tube. However, when you escape, jump from the bottom of the ramp, and glide at the height of your jump. Climb up, and spindash and jump over the lava pit.

Stop again and spindash - here, you're aiming for a very small part of the floor that's at a steeper angle than the rest. If you do this, you can clear the first seesaw entirely! Jump on the second, and before the red ball lands, charge a spindash. As you get shot up, you'll be able to see that it's still charged. Hit the spring, and land behind the 10 ring box. Let the spindash release, then quickly jump and glide so you land on top of the loop.

Again, you need to hit a very small section of ramp, just where it changes from being the small side of the loop, to the larger, grassy top of the loop. If you get it just right, your jump will take you into a small hole near the top of the wall... and down past the entire underground section! Finish as per Sonic's section, except Knuckles can glide over the rock instead of bouncing on it.

Record video: 0:41 by mike89

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