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Ryan "White Goose" White

Ryan "White Goose" White (born 1989) is an Eliter reigning from Toronto, Canada. He is primarily involved in Goldeneye, particularly live streaming on his twitch channel but has competed in other games such as Perfect Dark, Mario Kart 64 and Mario Golf 64.

Ryan has obtained 63 World Records in his Goldeneye career including 15 untied. He is especially known within the Goldeneye community for competing with the 1.1 control style, not using the Dot Strategy, but has expanded his reach throughout the speedrun community through his live stream channel on twitch.tv.

Gaming Accomplishments

Introduction to The Elite

Ryan White first observed The Elite in 2000 but his young age and lack of ability to use the Internet at the time prevented him from joining. In the summer of 2005 after playing some GoldenEye again, he remembered the website and followed the activities for a few months before finally submitting a times page which put him in the top 75 on the GoldenEye 007 World Rankings.

Early World Records

Ryan made noise in the community because of his quick development into what would later become a Goldeneye superstar, promptly achieving some of the easier, tied World Records in the game. In November of 2005, Ryan scored Cradle Agent 0:35 becoming the 4th person to ever obtain this record and the first to get a World Record on Cradle in over a year. Less than two months later, he shocked everyone when he announced and proved that he had accomplished an untied World Record on Surface 2 Agent, completing the level in only 0:51 seconds. This was especially amazing as only four other known, respected gamers, Bryan Bosshardt, Wouter Jansen, Ilari Pekkala and Dan Cervone had obtained an untied World Record in Goldeneye since 2002. Marking his name in history, he was believed to be the future of the Goldeneye elite and continued a successful career.

Towards the Top of the Rankings

Ryan continued to play Goldeneye throughout most of 2006-2007, slowly gaining ranks and ultimately passed legend Wouter Jansen with World Records Silo Secret Agent 1:12 and Facility Agent 0:46 on the same weekend in October 2006. He continued playing in February 2007 which to this date is one of the strongest months by any Eliter, achieving three untied World Records, including the coveted Silo Secret Agent 1:10. His World Record pace eventually slowed peaking at 3rd place in time, points and on the MVP Rankings and was passed in fall of 2007 by both Rayan Isran and David Clemens.

Controversy and Departure

Ryan caused controversy in The Elite when on November 12, 2007 he announced that some of his recent personal and world records were actually spliced videos, created in protest of the elite's lax proof moderation, forum moderation and administration team. Originally, very few believed Ryan actually faked videos, and assumed he was only joking or was trying to get kicked out of the elite, as he had shown interest in trying to leave the community. After several days of explaining how he faked the videos and his reasons for it, as well as other members of the community carefully analyzing the videos, Ryan's confession was found to be true. This changed the way The Elite would see it's top competitors. Not only did it expose the possibility that gamers might not be honest, it also spawned the idea that videos which were accepted as ultimate verification material were not difficult to fake and could go unnoticed for a very long time.

The videos Ryan faked were: Dam Agent 0:53, Frigate 00 Agent 1:10, Frigate Agent 0:23, Caverns 00 Agent 1:41, Train 00 Agent 1:59, Frigate Secret Agent 1:01 and Frigate 00 Agent 1:07.

The Elite's proof policy did not have any rules applying to video doctoring, since it was never done before and was a rare occurrence in the speedrun community. This left his penalty sentence very much up in the air.

Ryan immediately supplied The Elite with a list of the times he claimed to be his legit records. Although this upset many competitors, the administration seemed to not have cared about his actions which in turn upset the competitors even more. Ryan continued to promote others to fake videos, along with flaming members of the community and using several account names to do so on the message boards. He became the first eliter to have a Poll of the Week specifically about him, over what should be done about the situation. Many believed that he should be let be, as he was highly entertaining and what he did caused changes in the much flawed elite administration. The end result was that Ryan would be banned for a month from the message boards but his claimed legitimate Goldeneye records would remain on the rankings as to keep them accurate.

The changes which were made in the-elite community were that Phil "octo" McCanna took over Ryan "YE" Dwyer's position as elite updater. Phil also became a Goldeneye board moderator and Robert "Shep" Shepherd became a General Chat board moderator. Ryan would only be allowed to further claim records through video proof which would be examined closely to ensure its legitimacy, and anyone caught faking videos for themselves or anyone else would forgo similar consequences. These changes were widely appreciated among The Elite and Speedrun communities as a whole.

Return to Active Participation

After what many had considered to be Ryan's departure from The Elite for good, he again amazed the community by making a return on January 1, 2008 under the conditions that he would never again fake a video or promote doing so, avoid flaming others, refrain from spamming the message boards and restrict himself to using only one message board user name. Ryan created a youtube channel which hosts all 60 Goldeneye World Records under the name theeliteWRvids.

His return to the message boards was well accepted among others and Ryan gained much of his lost respect back quickly. Many believed his return to was non competitive, but they were proven wrong on January 15 when he released a video entitled Remember Me. This video with 15:09 running time was directed with the help of infamous filmmaker and speedrunner Ilari Pekkala and showed Ryan completing Silo 00 Agent 1:28, a Silo 00 Agent untied pace run where he dies near the end of the stage, and an untied world record of Silo 00 Agent 1:27 along with much extraneous storyline and nonsense. The video was well received by the community and is considered one of the greatest Goldeneye speedrun videos ever released along with Ilari Pekkala's Dam 1:17, Aztec 450 and Maya Illu. Ryan then continued his comeback by scoring untied World Records Streets Secret Agent 1:55 and Silo 00 Agent 1:25.

After losing his last remaining untied world record (Streets Secret Agent) when Randy Buikema tied it in Autumn 2009, he immediately picked up his controller and a week later obtained an untied Silo Secret Agent 1:09. He continued to play on an occasional basis until mid 2010 and in this manner has obtained records including Streets 00 Agent 1:55, Surface 2 Agent 0:49 and Dam Agent 0:53.

Streets 1:12

Ryan stated since mid 2008 that his longtime goal was to achieve Streets Agent 1:12. When he first stated that he wanted to achieve this record, he was met with much nay-saying and inadvertently caused a bizarre series of events.

After some brief discussion of 1:12 was blown off by the Goldeneye community, Ryan later achieved a 1:14.09 in February 2009 without using a Grenade Launcher (see also: Streets#Agent) and made a thread suggesting that this was proof 1:12 was possible. After analyzing his thoughts, some people were more open to the idea that 1:12 was in fact possible for a human to achieve. Many of the top Goldeneye players, including David Clemens, still did not believe this to be so. Coincidentally at the same time, several new usernames appeared on the elite message boards and were harassing both Ryan and Clemens. These usernames included Nolan Baucom, sniper patr0l and Streets 112. Clemens assumed this to be the work of Ryan while Ryan assumed this to be the work of Clemens. The rest of the community assumed it was the both of them screwing around and generally being a nuisance. In response, Clemens and Ryan made other usernames, including TrevHasRCP90, OuromovSociety and CK47 to continue the spamming and harassment. A complete clusterfuck was made of the boards and it was nearly impossible to determine who was who, however Clemens has since claimed ownership of TrevHasRCP90 and OuromovSociety while Ryan has claimed ownership of CK47. No one has ever claimed responsbility for Nolan Baucom, sniper patr0l or Streets 112. The reaction to the spam on the message boards was extremely negative and largely blamed on Clemens and Ryan despite their innocence. The Elite administrators have since modified registration to the boards to prevent such an incident from reoccurring. Their poor performance in the 2009 Elite Summer Contest is largely attributed to this incident.

In spring 2010, TASer DaTel237 discovered that by using control setting 2.2, a player could build speed in the cinema and start the level at full speed. This is not useful on many levels as controlling both controllers is extremely difficult, however this does help save around 0.30 seconds on Streets and is permitted per the proof policy.

On August 15, 2012, Marc Rützou was the first person to achieve Streets Agent 1:12.

Continued Participation

After a hiatus from competitive play from mid 2010 to mid 2012, Ryan returned to Goldeneye 007 speedrunning, attracted by live streaming on twitch.tv. Ryan is the most prominent streamer in the elite community, streaming many full game runs, as well as single level PR and WR attempts on his personal channel.

World Recordography

Ryan White's Goldeneye World Recordography can be found here.

Ryan also holds all six North American Records and World Non-GBA Ported Character Records in Mario Golf 64's Speed Golf mode. The records can be found here here. Videos of these records are are available on his personal Youtube Channel.

Elite Activities

Ryan has participated in many Elite contests including the popular King of the Hill (where has had led the standings for some time) and No Sleepathons (a second place finish in 2007 as well as several other top five finishes.) He has assisted with the running of Elite Summer Contests and has done well in the associated "Vote of the Day" competitions. On February 22, 2008, Ryan won The Elite's Who is here the most? contest by posting 100 times at least an hour apart each time in under 125 hours. He defended his title in 2009 by posting 100 times at least an hour apart each time in under 124 hours. He was the Head of Theme Music for the 2008 Summer Contest and ultimately selected all 135 theme songs for the contestants. Ryan is very good at elite prediction contests, winning the 2009 NHL Playoffs Prediction Contest, the 2009 MLB Playoffs Prediction Contest, 2010 Eurovision Prediction Contest and the 2012 NCAA March Madness Prediction Contest, among others.

2009 Goldeneye Tournament

Ryan organized, ran and competed in a Goldeneye tournament in February 2009. The tournament was won by the team of David Clemens, Shawn Johnson, Ryan Lockwood, Max Bout and Vitor Miranda. There were plans in the works to host another Goldeneye tournament in the 2010 calendar year, but unfortunately it never happened.

Summer Contest Appearances

Ryan has performed fairly in The Elite's Summer Contests. He has appeared in all contests possible during his membership, placing in the Elite 16 in his first three appearances.


In the 2006 contest, without having made an image for himself outside of Goldeneye players, Ryan went on to upset favourite Bryan Youse, former rankings updater and moderator of the-elite.net with a score of 47-39. He then went on and against all odds and predictions, upset David "marsh" Gibbons by a score of 49-44. This match would prove to have cost many predicted brackets a perfect score. This upset is considered among the greatest of all time in Elite Summer Contest history. His success finally ran out in the 3rd round against Bryan Bosshardt though he gave a good fight, losing to the ever-powerful contestant by a score of 43-34.


Ryan returned to the contest in 2007 where his first round match was against Elite pioneer, Wes McKinney. He defeated Wes McKinney by a score of 42-35 in a closer match than originally anticipated, but advanced to face Karl Jobst in the second round. Ryan blew out Karl in their match, beating him by a score of 47-28. He then moved on to face consistently successful contest participator Wouter Jansen in the 3rd round and ultimately lost in what was "the most anti-voted match of the contest" according to Jon Barber, by a score of 45-34.


Ryan's ranking in Goldeneye's Top 10 and his performance in the 2007 Summer Contest ensured him a placement in the 2008 event. He won his first two matches before falling to DK, eventual 3rd place finisher.


Ryan's ranking in Goldeneye's Top 10 and his performance in the 2008 Summer Contest ensured him a placement in the 2009 event. He won his preliminary match against Greg Larkin but fell to elite administrator Steve "Come" Bryze in the second round.


Ryan's participation within the mariokart64 community for the previous 18 months earned him a spot in the 2010 Karter Contest. His first round match was against Pobre, Flo and Brutus. He did not advance, however the 11 votes he earned was considered remarkably high for someone whose mariokart64.com contributions are little above spammer and troll.

Ryan's defeated Sterling Neblett and Octo in the 2010 Elite Summer Contest, but fell to Red Bull in the third round. He participated in some podcasts featured on The DK and Comet show.


Ryan lost in the 2nd round to Axel Z. His participation within the elite community severely diminished following this loss.


Despite no longer being an active member of the elite community, Ryan was voted in as a 4 seed to the 2012 Elite Summer Contest. Ryan lost his first round match to Henrik Norgren.

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