Fox (Super Smash Brothers 1 Player)

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Video by Terrence Fenner:


Stage 1

Finish Link by grabbing him twice quickly until Link go near the edge. Then grab him again and throw him out of course. Tab B quickly to finish him! [4:53]

Stage 2

My strategy is to Up-A at the Yoshis Down-B at the Yoshis is easier [4:23]

Stage 3

Probably my worst stage sprint... My strat is to grab him like Link...finish him by his gun [4:42...close to 41]

on BtT, try and get down as quick for the 4th round

Stage 4

I KO Mario first, then KO Luigi...see the video [4:33]

Stage 5

This is tricky, but I ace that big-time Grab Pikachu down to the bottom surface. Down+B once or twice to finish Pikachu! [4:52]

Stage 6

Try and get 200% or better on Giant DK to finish him quicker [4:23]

On BtP, Up+B and face left

Stage 7

try and finish the Kirbys by either Down+B or grab! [4:41]

Stage 8

Delayed start...Try and grab Samus before she attacks. [4:31]

Stage 9

Metal Mario is so stubborn, you have to take him down fast to finish him quick [4:41] Race To The Finish - T0:34 [Best is 0:36]

Stage 10

See stage 2

Total Points - 1,053,579