Forbidden Depths

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Forbidden Depths (FD for short) is the ninth level on the game James Bond 007 in Agent Under Fire.

Speed Runs

All strategies assume all upgrades are unlocked. Always skip cutscenes if possible.


Start off by killing everything that shoots at you. Make sure you don't use up ammo unnecessarily. About one minute in you'll approach a room where you stop and enemies shoot at you. Ignore them and shoot the blue monitor on the second pillar. Afterwards, quickly shoot the two enemies behind the counter. Look back and shoot the monitor on the backside of the first pillar. Turn back and shoot the flashing red switch to open the door. You should pick up a CH-6 if you shot all the necessary monitors out.

Continue on and keep killing the enemies and machine guns that get in your way. About three minutes into the level you'll reach another room where you come to a stop. Look to your right and use your manual aim to shoot the red barrel. Make sure to not shoot the barrel too early or some of the enemies will survive. Look up and right a little and take out the lone enemy. Wait half a second and another enemy will appear on the right side of your screen. Shoot him and look back ahead. Take out the two guards that are on both sides of you. While you wait for the door to open, quickly shoot out the two monitors on the pillars and switch to your CH-6. As soon as the door opens, shoot two shots at the yellow vehicle and you should proceed.

Switch back to your KA-57. Once again you'll waste a few minutes shooting enemies that don't affect your time. Once you get past the hot steam, you'll enter a long tunnel before the fight with Bloch. Shoot out the bars ahead, take out your CH-6, and make sure it's loaded.

As soon as you regain control after the short cinema, shoot the enemy dead ahead. Turn to your right and use your manual aim to aim a little right of the next enemy. This compensates for your movement so you'll hit the enemy dead on. Repeat for the enemy on the other side of the dome. If you killed all three enemies, another cinema will appear with Bloch running out.

Switch to your KA-57. Look up and a little left and you should see Bloch. Depending how quick you killed the three enemies, you may have to wait a few seconds for him to appear. Try to lock on with the auto-aim and unload on him. Keep shooting him until he runs away. Sometimes you'll get lucky and it'll only take a few seconds, sometimes not.

Take out your CH-6 and kill the three enemies just like you did a little earlier. When you're done with that, you'll have to shoot down the three flashing red objects from the ceiling. Keep your CH-6 out and use your manual aim to look to the right of your screen. This part is a little tricky and may require a little practice. Wait for one of the objects to appear to the right side and aim a little down and right of it. If aimed correctly, the rocket should hit the object and knock it down. Repeat for the last two.

Target Time: 6:50 - 7:10


  • The current World Record is 6:57, held by Ben "BDOWN" Downing.

Follow the same strategy used for the operative setting. May be slightly harder due to increased health for enemies, especially Bloch.

Target Time: 6:52 - 7:15

00 Agent

  • The current World Record is 6:55, held by Ben "Cygnus" Goldberg.

Follow the same strategy used for the operative setting. May be substantially harder due to increased health for enemies, especially Bloch.

Target Time: 6:55 - 7:20

High Scores

The only strategy for a perfect score can be found here

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