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Full list of "hilarious" phrases said by Adam "Flechr" Verbsky and viewers of his live stream.


"*Kaboom*, oh fuck"
"I fucked it up" -Adam Verbsky, 2018
“THROW THE KEY, YOU PIECE OF SHIT” -Adam Verbsky, April 26, 2018
"fuck you, you backboosting fuck"
“I think I’m quotable and I’m also known for how humble I am...just sayin”
"Night, Mangs" -Everyone, Always
"What more do you want from me, my soul?"
“I’m gonna avoid using that word. I like to maintain some profes- FUCK”
“That’s how life is sometimes son.” - Adam Verbsky, 4/27/18
“That’s a fucking waffle!” - Adam
"i dont want my mods fucking anything up, not that i dont trust you guys, but i basically dont" - Adam 2018
"were just gonna fuck shit up" - adam 2018
“I’m down Charlie Brown” - Nick aka Mangs
“it’s LITERALLY so cooked it’s raw” - Adam 5/1/18
"He'll learn you the ways of Twitch." - Adam 5/1/18
“No, I’m leaving this bunker.” -Adam
“You strike me as a qwerty” - Adam
"... qwerty isn't your real name?" - Mangs
“We need a nice, meaty quote database” - Adam 5/1/18
“You disgust me! FUCK your hat!”
"is there no 17 quote?" - Adam 2018
“i really don't care about what you have to say but i still appreciate you as a person” - jerkface qwerty
"Speaking of using a little round manhole..." Eric
“Just because I’m insulting you in front of everyone on the internet doesn’t mean I don’t like having you around” -Adam
“is this going to be a quote stream?” - guy with a bunch of letters in his name
"Next-a level is a... bunkerstuh7" Goose aka Marshall
"the next goldeneye speedlore episode will be skyscraper, on uhhh...... harder difficulty!" - Marshall 2018
"Goose's MySpace top 8. Number-a 1: Mangs-a." definitely CANADIAN Goose
“Wall!!” - MarshallGoose
“elvis is dying and i have no idea if its because i didnt kill enough skedars" - alkamaass 2018
“I feel like that stream is the metaphorical vagina from which the memes were birthed from” - Eristotle
“I’m not sure Marshall will be able to come...and by “come” I mean be in stream chat” - Adam
“In the beginning Adam’s stream was but a formless void and on the 69th day he said “let there be memes!” And so it came to pass. And Adam saw that the memes were good” - Flechr 1:1
“quote my brilliance” - Nick
“Why is your language in Mandarin?" - Marshall
“You gotta pump some steroids into this stream!” -Marshall
“Is that gonna be the title of your memoir?” -Marshall
“It’s gotta be a pornstar like title so people will search it accidentally” -Marshall
“Is that the one where you hold the controller like a dildo?” -Marshall
“You got a rubber band on this, you cheatin?” -Marshall
“I play 1.dildo myself.” -Mangs
“Skip through this, it saves time, that’s because it’s fastest!” -Marshall on skipping cutscenes
“I’m like a cowboy. Yeehaw!” -Marshall
“Why’d you just spout a bunch of numbers at me?!” -Marshall
“Nobody’s ever done what we just did!” -Marshall
“Is that how people usually die?” -Marshall
“Working pretty well so far, we’ve only gotten stuck on like 5 polygons.” -Marshall
“If you don’t look at the people they don’t exist.” -Marshall
“Look at his face, do you think he loves his family?” -Marshall
“Reporting back to MI6, I have killed... I mean saved both the hostages.” -Marshall
“Is this Mortal Kombat?” -Marshall on Surface 2
“It could have said “You’re mother is pregnant,” for all I know because I don’t speak Japanese.” -Marshall
“MI6, we made it out of the library despite my best efforts.” -Marshall
“Look at chat again so I can kill a civilian.” -Marshall
“Thanks Mangs! Thanks for the drugs!” -Marshall
“I made a derp” -Scarybear
“...you have to experiment with yourself” - Adam, 5/3/18
“Nah if I can't have myself to myself then Jesus can't have me either” - David
"when has there ever been memes here?" - Adam 2K18
"2.dildo is too... boisterous for me" - Mangs
“when I found out about Control+V & Control+C my life was changed”
“I could have sworn it was farther in”
"one day I'll be witty enough for a quote" - evensaltier aka eeyore
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“The quote is a lie” - Plato
“And by that I mean bond jerked off into a potted plant” - Eric
"Hurr de durr, I open door really late, and block Bond like an asshole" - Archives Guard
“Aaarrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhh” - Nat
“im glad 69 is a good one” - evensaltier
“I got water on my stick [...] Aah, my stick is slippery!!” - Adam, 5/4/18
“Dusky and I were fucking around last night” - Adam, 5/4/18
“FUCK YOU TOO KARL MARX!!!” - Adam, 5/4/18
“fuck YOU..I’m trying to be fucking POSITIVE but you’re getting in my fucking way!!!” - Adam, 5/4/18
Eric: “Will I ever stop saving myself for Jesus?” Nightbot: “Fuck off m8”
"I already knew that because im a psychic" - Scarybear
“i just need to press b with intent"
"the guard is pleased with your kind act of brushing the dirt of his shoulder so he hands you his weapon as a gift" - chuckstieg
“fuck you window"
" I heard in a goose video once that flechr collects the urine of his chat moderators"- djones1048
“I love slamming bananas" - abuser69
"I literally have an IQ of 1"
“Suicide just got a lot tastier” -Omen
"I wonder what that would feel like, dying to too many bananas?" - chuckstieg
“Flechr’s got a good quality stream. That’s good.” - Goose
"2 hours late to the football game :( " - travelwithannieg
“I’ve had nothing but [...] ass runs all night” - Adam 5/6/18
“How many 17’s? I DON’T FUCKING KNOW!”
"You can add 'em now too. Get it? Adam now too!" - Adam 2K18
“This most stunning instance of speedbullying in Elite history” -SammmoSammy
“use jap you FOOL” - alka
“You BITCH. You FUCKER. You KNOW what you did” - Adam 5/7/18
"No get down the hole! GET DOWN THE FUCKING HOLE!" - Adam 2k18
"I could listen to goose narrating a story about paint drying and I'd be interested in it" - scarybear
"My voice is like a natural lubricant"
“Here lies Adam ‘Natural Lubricant’ Verbsky” - Adam’s grave
“My penis actually grew in length watching that video.” - Ironstac
“I got quote 100 huzzah!!” - Eric
"can someone quote me so i can delete it when i get mod" -DuskyLW
"The best quotes are things people never actually said" -Scarybear
"what are ass stairs?" - Adam 2k18
"I'm not satisfied with the goose bop. need a karl bop!" -Wally
"we're gonna get to the point where we have so many quotes that we wont see some of them for a very long time :("
“He wants to come more often but he isn’t able to” - Adam, about his brother, 5/7/18
"Sorry I'm embarrassing my son I need to play better"
“first its who bops first, then its who's BOP stands." -Irie 2k18
"Wow." - Adam, sounding oddly like Owen Wilson
“as with every exchange youll probs fuck my ass as usual” - Dunsky, 5/7/18
“Goldeneye...rie...oh..I get it! Smart!” - Adam 5/7/18
“the rare double dildo. qUoTe Me On ThAt I dArE yOu!" - Eric
“My butthole clenched.” - Ironstac, 5/7/18
“I'm too high for this shit." -DJones1048 2k18
“chats going so fast nobody will notice i cant type” - Scarybear, 5/7/18
"Hey you know what's funnier than 24?" "Lemme here it." "25" -djones1048
“You’re qwerty, thilly!” - Adam “Alpha Gamer” Verbthky
“I got double-cucked!” - Adam, 5/11/18
“I'm wheeling myself around in my chair in agony"
“Is there a way for me to stream shitty games nobody has heard about and for people to find said stream? I want to do that” - Marshall, 5/11/18
"Lost children need a savior. And that's me." -Adam
“He just put addquote and then said poop five times" -adam
“I had a great idea when I was in the bathroom” - Adam, 5/11/18
"I will smoke 16 bowls tonight if you get 16 tbh." -David 2K18
“I’m duping up a fucking storm!” - Adam, 5/11/18
“you ever notice how “window” and “wow” share three letters?” - Adam, 5/11/18 - 100% not high
"Soooooo.... that was a run." -Adam 5/12/18
“Is that a Husky mix?” “Nah it’s just defective” -Random Guy hiking
“This is why DJones does the quotes Eric!" -Qwerty 2K18
"Smackerooni is a technical term I trust?" - Eric 2K18
“that's the first quote that actually calls me just qwerty tbh” - just qwerty
"zpeelling is overated." -JustQwertyTBH 2K18
“I keep having drugs dedicated to me” - Adam, 5/12/18
“it’d be a huge waste of time...which is exactly why I’d do it” - Adam, 5/12/18
"don't be a cunt" -Dusky 2K18
“I'm an idiot." - Adam 2k18
"*sneezes* "OH son of A BITCH!" - Adam 2k18
“#Dusky4Mod2K18" - DJones
"wow that stuck is fuck" -qwerty 2k18
“Fuck... fuck... I'm just... nope."
"My holes are normally bad." - Adam
“I always get drunk or extremely hot during Adam's streams LUL " -David 5/14/18
“Shit runs, boys. Shit runs” - Adam 5/14/18
"that guard likes to choke you.... wait thats not right" Henryz3213
“god dammit, Eric” - Eric 5/14/18
"dammit Eric!" -#Henry4Mod 2K18
"I'll c-up your momentum" -Henry 2K18
“fuckin die, cunt” - Adam, 5/14/18
"!wuote" - Eric 2K18
“I fucked it so hard” - Adam, 5/14/18
“ BabyRage “ - therm33
"I cant fucking talk"
“we've hit quote bedrock" - evensaltier
“I'm literally shitting Adam Kappa “ - Scarybear
"I'm figuratively shitting adam Kappa " - Eric
“I think I’m a grindr” - Adam, 5/17/18
“modded just in time for a 4 day break" - Mod Henry 2k18
"*phone beeps* "Hello?" - Adam 2k18
“That cunt isnt in the.... No he's not!" - Adam 2k18
“I’m being abused” - Adam, 5/17/18
“I‘m getting fucked in that hallway” - Adam, 5/17/18
"SiNcE I aM tOp ChAtTeR aNd AlL" -tWiTcH cHaT "lEgEnd" 2K18
"TEH URN" -Dusky 2k18
“Flechr's Ultimate Aztec Survival Guide On How To Not Fucking Die" -Dusky 2k18
"No matching entry found" -Nightcuck 2k18
“it’s not the phrase I’m going for, but it’s the phrase I said” - Adam, 5/22/18
“We’re on top of each other” - Adam, 5/22/18
"Yeah fuck the Kappa card" - Qwerty m8
“Rage is thirst inducing!" - Adam 2k18
"I'm running out of dreams!" - Adam 2K18
"I'm gonna go to the bathroom to process this" -Adam
“Backboosting me when I'm down." - Adam 2k18
“He just came” - Adam, 5/23/18
“Fuck off David!" -Eric 2k18
“Aww you guys are so sweet! Now get in the van!" - Qwerty (and Adam but he just kinda copied me so)
“Abuse me, daddy!” - Adam, 5/24/18
"We're so equally good at being the best that there's no way we couldn't share it tbh." -David (directed towards Eric) 2k18
“Some days..dreams do come true...other days...FUCK YOUR DREAMS” - Adam’s submission for a motivational poster, 5/24/18
"I find your lack of scarlet and grey disturbing." - Adam and his shirt 2k18
“I think we've reached peak meatiness tbh." -Eric 2k18
"Adam V is pretty decent." -Luke Sklarz 2k18
“I am nothing without the m8s.” The m8 charter of 1569
"Throw me down the stairs daddy!" -Crazy girl that David's friend had sex with 2k17
“I will have you SODOMIZED” - Adam, 5/24/18
"Yeah just kill me in the 2nd room, I don't have to survive to the fucking BA." -Adverb, 5/24/2018
"What's the difference between a garbanzo bean and a chick pea? I've never had a garbanzo bean on me." -evensaltier 2k18
"Henry with that attitude I'll be cuming at you all day" - David
“No I was tapping before i could actually nut lol” - David 5/24/18
“I don’t want to live” - Emo Adam 5/24/18
“Missed Nat quote." - Adam 2k18
“we're all scared like dad just came home from work angry and we dont want to be hit” - evensaltier, 5/24/18
"dyYiEiyE" -Adam 5/25/18
“Eric normally appears at the end of streams and catches up on quotes -Adam
"Put me IN THERE!" -Irie 2k18
“Eric came and fixed the list when I told him I wanted to do it LUL” - David
“Thanks mate, I needed that in my life” - Adam, 5/27/18
“I mean it is rough but I have an 80 pointer no big deal though.” - Adam 2K18
"Why are you running? You have an AR! Stand up and shoot me pussy!" - Adam 2k18
“it’s possible I’ll get trolled from behind” - Adam, 5/27/18
“16? Learn 120 ya pussy” Eric 2k18
“Here's your STUPID child.” - Adam 5/27/18
“I know there's some of these red bastards around here.” - Adam 5/27/18
“Jump on its back and show it who's boss.” -Eric 2k18
“Oh, I should have mentioned you have to pound his back.” -Eric 2k18
"Ok those are eyeballs! Not indiscriminate white balls." - Adam 2k18
“Bitch, get back in there, we’re not quite done!” - Adam, 5/27/18
“Oh my god...this VERY inconveniently placed hole” - Adam, 5/27/18
“I did the thing guys, are you proud of me” - Adam, 5/27/18
“Oh....I don’t even have to pound him” - Eric, 5/28/18
"Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Then burn your Goldeneye Cartridge!" -Billy May-I mean Adam Verbsky May 28 2018
"Welcome back to Irie Mate!" - Adam 2K18
"Unfortunately that is exactly what I said, its not what I meant to say, but it's exactly what I said" -Adverb on the day he said quote 215
“Back me one more t-i-i-i-ime! Grr, I’m angry!” - Adam, 5/28/18
“Welcome to the highest quality webcam stream on Twitch!” - Adam
“There was a bastard behind me just railing me!” - Adam 2K18
“Does is feel like 1 am to any one else?” - Adam 5/29/18
Welcome to the stream. Someone give him a welcome quote.
“I have no quote.” -HenryZed 2018
“Ugh BOYYYSSS!” (kreygasm) - Adam 2K18
“I was a little late on the blow” - Adam, 5/29/18
“I got Aztec 16...god dammit..I mean I got Archives 16 when I was really tired” - Adam, 5/29/18
"there were 2 of them, they were fucking inside eachother"
I know Qwerty, I know I'm a legend -Adam
“shitballspenis" - Icy
“[...] I am gonna RIP you a new one” - Adam, 5/31/18
"Adam Verbsky is comin' back to fucking ass...tec"
"Personally I suggest learning differential equations before multiplication tables" - Icy
"You're a penis?" - David when finding out Adam is a pianist
"deGEnning is your new major" - Icy 2k18
I personally like the bigger size -Adam
"That run sucked, but at least its a new record... rip n64 officially dead" -ZFG 4:10:17
“Felt like adding a new quote because I've never done this before. HI MOM!" -Flechr
"Are you guys fucking up the quotes? Kappa " -DJones1048
"Healthiest run of my LIIIFE!" dies* - Adam 2k18
“Brb, installing Windows 7" -First Round Pick Adam 2K18
“If you see a hole, try to wiggle into it” - Adam, 6/2/18
“There’s a good hole...but I got fucked” - Adam, 6/2/18
“Ignore the woman who fell through the ceiling” - Adam, 6/3/18
This is mildly obnoxious -Adam
“Boost me like one of your French girls” - Socrates, 650 BC
“Have I earned top chatter status back yet?” - Eric, lifetime top chatter on Twitch
“Not enough colons, though” - Adam, 6/4/18
“Do you have the capacity to love? You hardly have the capacity to run windows” - Adam, 6/4/18
“I just choked on my spit” - Adam, 6/4/18
"what am I stuck on" -Adam (the age old question)
“If you aren’t already dead, go kill yourself” - Adam, 6/4/18
“i was fuming in the shower tbh” - Adam, 6/5/18
“Irrel host incoming” - Eric, always
“Have I peaked?” - Adam, 6/6/18
“Fuckin’ Hello?” - Adam, 6/6/18
“is everyone just suddenly becoming gay? LUL “ - David, 6/6/18
“Only bitches drink water during RTA runs” - Adam, 6/8/18
“You leave my girl alone...BITCH!” - Adam, 6/8/18
“My locks were average, we're on a roll" - Adam
“Can a vegan eat a cumshot?” -Kyto, 6/8/18
“you see how I’m pushing her boobs?” - Alka, 6/8/18
“if you haven't ever had cherry vanilla Dr Pepper stop sucking your mom's titty and go get some lol” - David, 6/8/18
“I can get it with my schlong on the second controller. That easy." -AK420 2K18
"get a capture card cunt!" - Adam 2k18
"Hey Fuckers! I have a capture card!" - Adam 2K18
“Just came down and started railing her." - Adam 2k18
"that's a great quote" -Irie 2018
“its a sprint. where everything needs to go right... as opposed to a marathon” - Henry, referring to running GE
"Legends tell of a legendary speedrunner, who's legend was the stuff of LEGENDS! Only TRUE legends will understand how legendary his legend truly was. Now who was this legend the legends speak of? The legend's name is "Adam 'LEGEND' Verbsky." Kappa - Legends 2k4ever
"Yes." - Every one 2k18
“What was sterling neblitts real name?" - nd299
“Kaboomie!” - Adam, 6/11/18
“wow the absolute madlad flechr” -Goose on Adam making Top 100
“Deanna should come without Mangs one day” - Adam, 6/11/18
“I must be hard then” - Eric, 6/11/18
“If you Marshall, then you hard."
“Hey, Scotty...Jesus, Man!” - Dan, - Second Glance
“What the fuck is GoldenEye?” - Adam, 6/11/18
"!elite" - Qwerty, always
“I don’t think it likes anus” - Adam, 6/11/18
Can I make you bigger, like why are you not bigger? -Adam new setup day
”You were about to teleport directly to the end!!” - Marshall, date unknown
“for all we know you bullied a child into giving adam his lunch money” - evensaltier, 6/15/18
“I gotta quote 6 guys” - Mangs, always
"F" -Everyone, the night Nightbot died, 6/15/18
“Did qwerty and Nightbot sneak into the alley to do their thing again?” - Adam, 6/15/18
“Fill me in KappaPride “ - Adam, 6/15/18
“Fart stick” - Adam, 2019
“truly remarble"-Irie
"why is my stick sweaty?"
“Who is in chat" -snoop dog
“we don’t have any quotes about tits?? WHAT?” - David, 6/15/18
“Are you gonna put it in?” - David to Eric, 6/15/18
"I got a 6 inch floppy." - Eric 2K18
"Title T" - XSplit
“Do you like the fact they died??” - Adam, 6/16/18
“Look at all this nonsense I have on the top of my head!” - Adam, 6/16/18
“He typically pops in and out.” - Adam referring to Eric 6/17/18
“Wake up and smell the communism.” - Adam 2k18
“THIS...IS...VERBSKY” -Author Unknown
“Can I just call you anal?” - Adam, 6/18/18
“Y'all whippersnappers get outta here, I'm on pb pace!" -Old Man Qwerty
“wouldn't want to know my current elite hero is a pimp”
“Who the fuck is Eric?” - Adam, 6/20/18
“I’m a Kappa guy” - Adam “27 shot locks” Verbsky
“Shut up me” - Adam, 6/22/18
“Normally I do the fucking of holes, but now the holes are fucking me!” - Adam, 6/22/18
“S1 is like five moments of pure hatred punctuated by long sections or nothing" - earfolds
"Kill myself myself?" - Eric, 6/22/18
"I got a cologne that smells so good it almost feels gay" - GrackTireIronFields
"The mine skidded!" - Adam 2K18
"How would you run Aztec with no badass?" Kappa - GrackTireIronFields 2k18
“I don’t know why but people are lovin’ my sign” - David, 6/23/18
“I got everything I wanted, I got the screenshot” - David, on memegod status, 6/23/18
“Can you tell people to wait so I can at least watch myself die?” - David, 6/23/18
“I have witnessed many take plan B” - Adam, 6/23/18
"god that felt like a night of drinking in 20 minutes" - nd299, 6/23/18
"right, and i just joined the nazis for the dental plan" -nd299
I'm about to start stream -Irie, 2 hours ago
"get 1:19 on control i don't care just play a different level!" -Pauli
"i'm donating my bits so i land in a lower tax bracket" -Gelly
“Eric, I swear to god...turn off your baby!” - Adam, 6/23/18
“How can I fit it in now??l” - Adam, 6/23/18
“Trev ate spaghetti backwards” - earfolds, 6/23/18
“I’m at my best when I just let things come out of my mouth” - Adam, 6/23/18
“So easy even a Flechr can do it" - Hattok, 6/23/18
“double flechr gives me a half chub" - Gelly, 6/23/18
“I’m RAW either way” - Adam, 6/23/18
“How are you, how’s the weather, how deep do you like it in your earhole?” - earfolds, on the first three things he asks someone upon meeting them, 6/23/18
“it’s like telling your least favorite child you’re proud of it” - Earfolds, 6/23/18
"tongues are overrated tbh Kappa " - lqwertyuiopdefgsdfgdfg, 6/23/18
“The next quote is going to be 333 so make it a good one” - Earfolds, 6/23/18
"... you play gay baseball?" -Gelly
" i came here in 2018 with two bum knees...and a dream to be a moderator" -evensaltier
"hahaha what are ears anyway" -evensaltier after agent 34
“I'm calling shenanigans!" - Adam 2K18
"ive always had a talent for nuance and subtlety" -evensaltier
“Ahh look how wet my eyes are!” - Adam, 6/25/18
At least my stick isn't wet -Adam 6-25-18
“More like the gangbang boost amirite” -MLCrafter, 6/27/18
“Not even Rest In Peace...fuck that guy!” - Adam, 6/27/18
“It was a single uhhhhhhhhhmm.. pew pew pew!" - Adam 2k18
“It’s tight...but it’s not virgin tight” - David, 6/27/18
“You won’t be in my ear, I guarantee it” - Adam, 6/27/18
"You know what's good? Trev kills. You know what's not good? Not... trev kills" -Adam 6/27/18
“If GoldenEye were a female and I was to get into a relationship with her, it would not be an awkward age gap at all” - Adam, 6/29/18
“GET REKT Bmmm... actually just forget whatever I said." - Adam 2K18
"The ole smackadoodle doo!" - Adam 2K18
“It is decreed that one should pound the pillars." -Sign 2K18
“it’s like not knowing what pizza is...and then eating pizza for the first time...except pizza is masturbation” - Gelly, 7/1/18
“You can see your soul with these glasses." - Adam 2k18
"I'll show you a smooth hole entry." - Adam 2K18
“Why don't you show me them dual zedmgs and I'll show you my drone explosion." - Adam 2K18
“If you could drip keenness, I would be sweating profusely." - Adam 2K18
“You’ll probably finish when I wake up” - David to Eric, 7/1/18
“rip Bond LUL “ - MLCrafter81, always
“I keep going in too early. reeeeeeeee!” - Adam 7/2/18
“I sure hope this quote is up to Eric’s standards.” -Zed 7/2/18
“Who’s ready to get raped in the basement?” - Adam, 7/3/18
“Rudeness isn't allowed here. Fuck you Eric!" - Adam 2k18
“I appreciate the lurkers.” - Adam 7/4/18
“You're a nasty mother fucker!” - Adam 7/6/18
“I'm gonna fucking murder you! Don't move a muscle bitch!” - Adam 2k18
“You aren't getting a lick on my girl.” - Adam 7/6/18
“Why am I cumming?” - David 7/6/18
“I don't blowjobs.” - Marshall 7/6/18
“I may have fucked nightbot's sister.” - Marshall 7/6/18
“You have to be a little bit gay to sing that well.” - David 7/6/18
“I was walking down the street and saw a CRT laying on the curb…. just kept on walking. - Birdie88 2016 (exact date unknown)
“I had a beautiful fucking hole.” - Adam 7/8/18
“There are so many thing I say that are instantaneously turned gay.” - Adam 7/10/18
“I'm so straight I'm gay.” - Adam 7/10/18
“I call making quote 420 when it comes time to.” - David 7/16/18
“Urinating on rocks takes practice.” - Time2kill1313
“You're a fucking god damn hero mate.” - Karl Jobst
“I'm mad about my statue juice.” Adam 7/18/18
“I spam goldmarshall with my feet.” - Adam 7/18/18
“Your sick space is almost full. Save space by optimising storage.” - MacBook every 5 minutes
“Shut up Alka!” - Everyone always
“Thank you for the backboost sir. May I have another?” - Adam 7/23/18
“Dude this stick is amazing!” - Adam no context
"QUOTE ME ON THAT I DARE YOU!" - Ear Rape Qwerty kappq 2k18
"I say alot of shit!" - Adam 2K18
"Be one with the bus" - Eric 7/23/18
“Quote 11 was actually said. I just want that for the record.” - Adam always
“You're just an ear Eric!” - Adam 2K18
“That WAS a pb!...oops!” - Adam 7/23/18
“Wait I didn't know grenades spawned there..... KABOOM!" - Adam 2K18
“This stream is the straightest and also gayest stream." - Adam 2K18
"Rub all over that pace." - Adam 2k18
“abahababahhba" - Adam 7/25/18
“Take a bath with that pace!" - Adam 2K18
"Turn the pace into mud and just roll all in it!" - Adam 2K18
“Well prayed” - Brother in Christ, Adam, 25th day of July in the Year of our lord Twenty-hundred and eighteen
“I don’t give a shit about Lutherans” - Adam, 7/25/18
“You can pound him if you want” - David, 7/26/18
“I've been watching these streams for about a week and see why people tell you to shut up alka” - UnidentifiedEGG, 7/26/18
“Shout out to quote 400!" - qwerty 2k18
“I know I'm stupid I just like poptarts.” - UnidentifiedEGG 7/27/18
“quofe” - Eric 7/26/18
“The silenced douches are pretty awesome.” - Therm 7/26/18
“Never give up, follow your dreams. Beefcake, BEEFCAKE!!” - DeepIn2TheCode 2k18
“Yes I am aware that I said ‘Doo Doo.’” - Eric 2K18
“Why is your tv on the couch?” - Adam 7/27/18
“I think 18 is relatively tight, actually.” - Adam 2k18
“That doesn't make any sense, BUT I SAID IT!” - Adam
“I don't know where Robville is...but I'm there.” - David 7/31/18
“Koala is a marsupial….or have I been fucking the wrong animal?” - Mike (AK420) 8/1/18
“Having sex with a koala is alot like having sex with a girl who's way too drunk.” - David 8/1/18
“I'm glad I looked before I finished.” - David 8/1/18
“Tie me up.” - Mike (AK420) 8/1/18
"I railed them with the laptop gun!" - Pauli 2k18
“yea everytime I hear that "REEEEEEE" come from the door, I nut a lil bit lol" -David
nightbot is a square that doesnt dab
"You wanna jam into it." - Irie 2k18
“I was..overwhelmingly underwhelmed” - Adam, 8/5/18
“Do I win?" - Adam 2k18
"It's 420 fuckers! Gets your dabs out! Get your bongs out! Roll a blunt or joint! Fucking Cheers mates! 420 Blaze It and Smoke Weed Everyday!"
“That was right in the fucking crotch!” - Adam, 8/5/18
“Dude I’m trying to look at your fucking tits!” - Mike (AK420), 8/5/18
“Let’s eat each other out” - Mike (AK420), 8/5/18
“Dude, I’ll take a Redbull up the butt” - Mike (AK420), 8/7/18
“Oooooo you know what time it is, Flechr’s bedtime, thanks for the host!” -Irie
“Bro...it’s a hand mmmmh” - David, 8/9/18
“I really want you to nut in a bucket and wear it as a hat” - Eric, 8/9/18
“Whose dick do you have to suck to get a legendary host?” - Adam, 8/10/18
"Imma play around with it and see if it loosens up a lil bit but I may need to lube it." - David, 8/10/18
“Are you telling me to fuck my GoldenEye cartridge?” - Adam, 8/10/18
"I'm in voice if anyone else is available!" - David everyday 2k4ever
“Frigate, the same word I say when I get cucked” - Ironstac, 8/16/18
“Chris Leon’s B1 LTK is in black and white LOL will this ever end? Good thing it doesn't get proof called.” - Alec 10/4/17
“DO YOUR BESTER!” -Eric after 8:30 2k18
"What's Ryan Lockwood's favorite burger from McDonald's? THE MCDOUBLE!" - Ironstac 2K18
“Oh! I need to go faster!" - Fully Confident Adam 2k18
"Her vagina is going to be bronzed!!!" - mangs 2K18
“You’ve been baked into something nicer” - Adam, 8/24/18
"Oh I know I'm baked alright. kappq" - David 2k18
“Jesus captivates the audience with this masterful storytelling.” New York Times 53AD
“Maybe I should read the commie manifest to round myself out as a person.”
“I gave her the ol’ sleeperooni, then I gave her the ol’ slipperooni!” - Eric 8/25/18
“I'll let bond be murdered for your entertainment.”
“Quote 450 has to be in the form of a question.” - David reminding future David 2k18
“I'm about to rape his fucking face with my stinger.” - Eric 2K18
“The irrelist of hosts!” ADAM talking about David and Eric's hosts
“Hosts are like condiments, they’re rarely ever rel-ish Kappa “ - jdblack21 9/2/18
“I'm back in bitness!” - Eric 2K18
“You ready for some hand action?” - Eric to David 9/2/18
“Trev literally just poops out grenades.” - Adam 9/4/18
“THE SHIRT'S OFF BOYS!” - Adam 2k18
“rocket cucks keep killing me BabyRage “ - Therm 2k18
“Dude there’s like no September quotes now” - Adam, 9/31/18
"It's easy to PB when you're garbage at GE" - Eric 10/1/18
Lappq -qwerty
It’s like saying, “here’s a sandwich,” and then handing them a loaf of bread and a live cow
...but then league hit and I got 2000 points
"Eric has that cadence to his voice that disguises alcoholism" -Mop
"It felt really good when I finished but I didn't expect it of course." - David 2k18
"do you think when the stone was rolled away that 任務<A>完了 popped up" -Pauli
“mine could use a good lubing” - Mop, 10/15/18
"I play manual 2.X like a paint sniffing orangutan." -Charles Bayard
"With some good RNG I'll be in your V" - Irie 2k18
"who are you?" - Drone 2K18
"YOUR MAKER BITCH!" - Adam to Drone 2k18
"Look at how that bitch didn't die! LOOK AT IT!" - Adam 2K18
“this is the first time i've played since before i took a break from GE" -Z E D
I should go get a bowl and stop being a fucking degenerate, hold on
“There was a sneeze...I got excited” - Adam, 10/23/18
I'll have a little tip in my sy pretty soon if you get where i'm coming from
"yeh it's shake-and-bake meth cheap" -MikeMintt
"i tried pissing on my console it definitely made me feel better" -karljobst
“real g’s roll in silence like lasagna 🍕” momhunter 2K18
"that’s like being asked whether I want to self immolate or be repeatedly stabbed to death" - Eric 2K18
"Here it is, boys" - Adam, as he gets Frigate 24
"carbon dioxide is just fat oxygen" -ted
“every layer of my personality is a meme and you just end up crying" - Ted 2K18
“My plane to the line is garbage" - Adam 2K18
Where’s the 2.3 strat Robb
Dude David welcome to the crowd
i just want to see minty fresh's reaction to the streets elevator
mate the elevator
“Wait. Why am I playing stree...m oh wait. I set myself up for that one didn't I?" - Minty Fresh AKA Mike 2k18
"I wish you didn't turn up the volume like I asked." - Marshall 2k18
"Oh we're doing that now? MingLee " - Marshall 2k18
"Ladies and Gentlemen, grabbing out of the grab bag of grabbyness..." - Marshall 2k18
"Ok for you David? Is that his name? Yea David I will wear it at some point and that's a promise." - Marshall 2k18
“Text the letter "YES IT IS." - Marshall 2k18
“I need some spooks - this is getting boring” - Marshall, 10/31/18
"Oh I wasn't listening to you the first time and it played back and now I'm listening to you." - Marshall 2k18
“Problems: Too many potatoes and no batteries"
“You never accept my love unless I’m beating the shit out of you” - Mike to Eric, 11/1/18
....and exactly 4 seconds later felt like a dumbass
“It is cake, but it's a frustrating cake, like one with bits that are hard and a kinda off taste” -Sammo
“the most irrel-ist of hosts ever given" -Adam when Mop hosted his stream even though he wasn't live
"dude fuckin sex" -David, 11-5-2018
"if i had to warm up id stick my dick in a toaster before i played dam know what im sayin" -MW
“I am literally so tilted my brain is upside down in my head and now I'm retarded” -Sammo
“mooooooom Bryan’s getting untied’s again” -2003 Era Player (Pauli)
both mw and berg managed to beat me to runway sa 22 despite my inactivity
"New M strat, under the M ap" - Calle, 2k18
"Gotta lube up that OCB!" -Ironstac, 2k18
"qwerty saved enough lunch money for a capture card" - Pauli
“Don’t have to grind for it if you just get it.” - Adam, 2k4ever
"wait, aren't you the 12 year old?" -Icy
"because I'm not from Pakistan" - qwerty
my teeth are figmanets of my imaginato
I may be hungover, but I still have an excellent grasp on reality
“My brutish hands have become accustomed to man-handling 10kg Tuna, not finely caressing the controller” -Sammo
"speedrun is fast and no boring" -Anonymous
"Half of everything is luck. The other half? Objective B. Which means 100% of everything is luck." Qwerty 2K18
"You ever look at something and think, 'I'm gonna shoot at that' but then you reload instead like *accurate gun noises*" - Adam 2K18
"Cutscenes suck" - They
"No one shoot me" *Gets shot* "Fuck."
"you dont have 24 yet? wtf" -MW, literal moments before 24
he's got duel 3/6/9 so he's basically my hero.
"Best crouching guard headshots IN THE ELITE" - Sammo
" just kidding boys PogChamp " - Mop
"all of my runs are WR pace until i gain control of Bond"
"shut up mop u shoot in the vents" - Kyto
"Kyt0z you owe Mike a reacharound round the back of the bike sheds in midwinter" - Anti_Flame
"im reverse michael jackson too I walk forwards" - Kyto
"So you hold the stick like they would their dicks?" - Eise Smit
"ill experiment with the white part" -Irie
"is that you or an unrelated photo of a barn"
"Pauli is a big red barn confirmed." - David
"DO you have fishbowl over your head???" - Mop
“I totally expected to get ass-blasted” - Adam, 11/29/18
“I have a 13 inch that I play with” - Henry, 11/29/18
“yo qwerty what them saturday morning cartoons looking like buddy” -Pauli
"Why the fuck does this game even have a B button, it doesn't fucking do anything" - Sammo
“Why are all your quotes so horny” - Ted, 12/6/18
“!quote Cory hart sunglasses at night topic” - Eric, 12/11/18
“I like watching movies and crying, just so you guys know" - Henry
i suck askls aat typicing wneh im have andsy form of alchol inm ysyesm - M<e
“Fuck you scientists fuck your science!" - Eric
“tbh if doggr here get this 16 I might suck his dick.” - David, 12/16/18
“I wouldn’t even know what to do with my dick if I got 16. I’d have to beat it all night” - doggr, 12/16/18
“ggtbh” - KamK86, 2Kfuckingalways
“Wait...was anyone talking about sucking dick” - Mop, 12/24/18
“Nice dicks” - Ironstac, 12/27/18
“Pauli do as Pauli does” - Adam, 1/4/19
“Fuck this game!” - every GE player ever, 2kalways
“I can only celebrate with my right hand” - Adam 2k19
"Good point about beating up short gingers.... for money"
"I have a friend" - Zed
“We abuse nightbot” - Adam, 1/4/19
“!500” - Adam, 1/4/19
“short 9 hour stream" - Irie
ass baseballs, the best inspiration you can get
"Better than Woutet Jansen" - iamdumberdore 2K19
“Implying that I would hoard is like saying that I'm a cyber-terrorist" - Adam, in the Part 11 post-stream
"I got the finger magic" - Adam 2k19
"qwerty needs 25 so he can hold it over alka's head on the playground" - Pauli
“I put lots of e's to emphasize my sadness" - Zed
"i put lots of sh's because i thought it was funny" - qwerty
“Not going to lie the second you said my name I locked my phone to watch my movie. But my ego got a hold of me and I came back so you could talk about me” -Bklgamer, 1/8/19
"yeah the goss is that flechr is out of control and needs to be stopped" - Birdie
“SA 22 will be tonight if I complete a run in 22 seconds"
"Cosmic brownies may be better than pot brownies" - David 2k19
“[Error Connecting To WebProxy Service]” - Nightbot, 2K19
"I remember when Fac 57 was my PR too (in 2003)So you are just 16 years behind" - Ace to xzc
“Gonna ice my gonads and take a dab” - Irie
“Eric has murdered himself in a classic act of Eric” - Adam, 1/10/19
"I'll question what i please I'm Adam fucking Verbsky!"
“Tune” - Luke, 2kPart11
how do you misspell a misspelling -Qwerty to Zed "lappa"
I just got the lowest 1:03 ever.
“WHERE’S THE DWAYNE QUOTE” - qwerty, 1/11/18
“Fuckin’ Greg...” - Every GE player, 2k4ever
"I want Jesus' salvation all over my face tbh" - David 1/11/19
“Hell if I had to play it more than once I’d bang myself” - Eric, 1/11/19
“I've had sex with many drunk girls and more than 0 koalas" - Eric 1/11/19
"Aren't we all just white guys except for the ones who aren't?" - Adam 2K19
“where’s sword control?!?” - Adam, 1/11/19
David was so quote 115 he had to quote 6 which made us say Quote 103eeee?!?! -Zed
“Qwerty says the damnedest things” - Eric, 1/13/19
“Surprise dude, I’m your dad” - Adam, 1/13/19
"I'm offended you would consider eric a kid BabyRage " - Qwerty 2k19
"...especially if you use the patented 'turn right away, you fucking idoit' strat"
“I'm like if berg was bad at runway" - badKarl
“Look at all this flech blood." - Adam 2K19
“dude nakedlink figured out how to follow! It’s a miracle!” - Adam, 1/15/19
"I'm playing better, fuck you!"
“first three were boners” - therm, 1/15/19
"adam is a speedbullying hoarder extraordinaire, the foulest of elite species" - therm
“just spin it and ill put my finger on it and ...” - Marshall, 1/17/19
"Oh no I'm gonna play it! Just gotta write my fan fiction first." - Marshall 2k19
"Anyway... I gotta play portal now." - Marshall 2k19
“Adam looked at the Overwatch sweater, its taught yarn tugging at his tight tibia and tooth and testicles and tarsal and titties and taint and tummy and thumb and thigh and twat and twat and toe and thicc. The overwatch sweater wished it was a girl. It thinks it wishes it was a girl because it thinks girls are hot....” - Marshall’s fanfic part 1/2
“and if it thought it was a girl it wou.,dl da sddasfgvad adnlkfv dfv ccv bvb .lkjnzdz nkj sdzbff it would be a lesbian. but the sweater died” - Marshall’s fanfic, Part 2/2
“My mother...our mother I guess” - Marshall, 1/17/19
"We're like the power rangers but without the suits." "But I have a suit sooo...." " FUCK!" - Marshall and Adams roommate 2k19
“Am I doing it? Am I portaling?" -Marshall
“A mini stroke is still a stroke” - Marshall, 1/17/19
"Occupation: Anus" - Marshall 2k19
"They're like gangster movies, they're all sideways" - Marshall
I think he runs his capture card through a marijuana laced soup mixture
"What if I don't stop, huh?" alarm goes off
"If I'm homophobic, how come I was able to walk inside my home?" - Unidentified YT Video
“!quotw” - Eric, 1/20/19
“Why would you want a lube that’s not edible, that’s so limiting” - Kyt0z 2k18


- Quote Google Doc updated by Eric P. (theterriblechildren) and David Jones (DJones1048).
- Quotes contributed by moderators of Flechr's Twitch.